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Winner of the August 2014 photo competition

by Maylynn Bloom |

Thanks so much to all those who entered our competition last week. We’ve been flattered by the expressions of interest in the Scrubba wash bag, impressed by all the adventures taking place around the world and wowed by some of the amazing photos and stories we received.

From campers across America, including the deserts of the mid-West, the lakes of Michigan and Oregon and the serenity of Minnesota to the Alaskan mines, people living ‘off the grid’ (Connecticut seemed particularly interested in this concept), frequent flyers, military service men and women, sailors, cruisers, climbers, west coast surfers and Maui beach-goers, right across the globe in Ireland, India, Peru, the Sierra Mountains and the islands of St. Lucia, your photos and stories have been much appreciated!

Some entries that made us laugh were Kristy McCoy, for friendly “pants-licking sheep”. The Scrubba wash bag may have removed those sheep saliva stains indeed! Jennifer Crowl, glad your luggage eventually turned up and sorry that you lived on so few clothing items for 2 weeks without washing facilities! 

We are so pleased to see so many people doing things for great causes too. Thank you, Karen Tep, for climbing 7 summits to raise awareness for human trafficking.

Some photos of special mention include Crater Lake, the Cascades, the Catalina Islands, St Lucia, the Grand Bahama Islands and Mt Drum, Alaska. Thank you so much for these beautiful submissions.

The winner of this month’s photo competition is Carrie Shoultz’s for ‘The Elephant Nature Park’ in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Thank you, Carrie, for this beautiful photo and for raising awareness of the ‘Journey to Freedom’ project. Your commitment to community service through the Peace Corp is most noble. Now you won’t have to hand wash for 27 weeks! Congratulations!

Thanks again to all those who entered. We hope you have enjoyed participating and will continue to follow us and enter future competitions and giveaways.

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