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Scrubba takes the Ice Bucket Challenge

by Maylynn Bloom |

Christina Georgiadis talks about taking the Ice Bucket Challenge in support of ALS / MND. 

Dear Scrubba Team,

After finishing my uni degree in Melbourne, Australia, I decided to go traveling around South-east Asia to experience a new world and do some volunteering.

I spent 6 weeks in Vietnam, where my Scrubba wash bag came in very handy for not only washing clothes, but keeping wet/dry and dirty/clean clothes separate as well as keeping my clothes above some sub-par hostel bathroom floors. I put my clothes in the bag, clip it and hang it on the doorknob while I shower!

Recently, I was in Kampot, South Cambodia on my way to volunteering with the NGO when I was challenged by a friend and fellow backpacker to take the Ice Bucket Challenge. I decided to answer the call right then and there, but there wasn’t a bucket in sight. Behold, yet another use for my Scrubba wash bag!

The girl in the photo is known by the locals as Can Can. She was hesitant about pouring freezing cold ice water over my head while my travel buddy filmed.

Thank you, Christina for sending in these great photos and glad to hear that you’re enjoying your Scrubba wash bag in more ways than one!

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