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Sending our staff packing... light

by Maylynn Bloom |

Can May (our Business Relationship Manager) fit 16 days worth of clothes into this tiny backpack?

 I'm really looking forward to some much needed sun and relaxation. I won't be doing any camping or climbing this time around, as it's more of a leisurely vacation with some general site-seeing, visits to sacred establishments, a few journeys to rural areas, a bit of beach time and plenty of evening cocktail time! I'll need to travel light so I can move around freely because I'll be on the go most of the time, making my way from one end of the country to the other.


So how will I fit enough clothes to cover all occasions

and get me through 16 days of traveling

into this little backpack?


I'll need to minimize the amount of clothes I pack and plan a few washes along the way, but I don't want to waste time and money on laundry services and I definitely don't want to soak my clothes in hotel sinks, so my Scrubba wash bag is coming with me. This means I can reduce that pile of clothes shown above to the neat pile below.  I will also now have plenty of room for other essentials...


1 evening dress

2 casual dresses

3 pairs of shorts/skirts

3 tee shirts/singlets

1 nice blouse

3 sets of undergarments

2 bathing suits

1 beach outerwear

1 Scrubba travel towel

1 pair socks (mostly sandals on this trip!)

I'll be wearing long pants, a long shirt and a light outer cover on the plane ride over, which I'll wash as soon as I settle in to have on hand for visiting temples, museums or places that require a dress code and I'll do a Scrubba wash every 2 days. I've chosen separates that compliment each other in different ways. For example, black shorts that can be dressed up with the blouse or matched with a tee shirt/singlet for casual outings and my casual dresses can also dub as night/sleepwear. So you can definitely pack light and travel freely without compromising on comfort or style!

If you can guess where May's headed, you might win a Scrubba wash bag, so stay tuned for clues!

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