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"Where in the world is May" Competition Winner

by Maylynn Bloom |

If you answered Vietnam, you were right!

Thanks again to all those who entered our "Where in the world is May" competition. The number of people who answered Vietnam was impressive!

We were especially impressed with those who specifically answered Hoi An in response to our first photo clue. This picture was taken on the banks of Hoi An's main shopping district, where beautiful colorful silk lanterns hang from shop fronts, creating an atmosphere of warmth and happiness and little lanterns along with wishes are released into the river at dusk.

The second photo clue also received a few 'Vietnam' responses. This photo was taken while cruising along the Cai River in Nha Trang. You can just make out Vietnamese fishing boat and flag in the background.


The winner of the competition goes to the person who answered Hoa Binh, Vietnam to our third photo clue, which didn't give much away, apart from the Vietnamese sun hat, yet somehow he managed to pick the exact spot where this photo was taken. Congratulations!


Once again, thanks for all of your responses. If you were not the lucky winner this time around, don't worry, as there will be more opportunities for prizes coming soon. Stay tuned on Facebook to find out more.