'Travel Tips' competition winner

A big thanks to everyone who entered our 'Travel Tips' competition. We were inundated with responses and have found it rather difficult to pick a winner, but there must be one!
We received advice on uses for packing everything from rubber bands, zip-lock bags and duct tape to dental floss, baby wipes and gummy bears!
A very common response was to pack light and wash clothes along the way. What more can we say but pack a Scrubba wash bag?
Another common response was the various practical uses for a microfiber towel, including as a quick drying shower or beach towel, as a hygienic lining between you and accommodation bed sheets, to wrap around clothing items that you want to keep separate in your luggage and simply because you never know when you'll need a towel. The Scrubba wash & dry kit also includes a super absorbent, extra large microfiber towel that weighs next to nothing when dry and folds up smaller than a tee shirt. We suggest using it to wring out your washed clothes before hanging to speed up the drying process. Personally, I was most grateful to have one handy on an overnight train between Hanoi and Hue in Vietnam as a shield between my head and the cabin pillow, which appeared to have made a hobby of collecting strands of hair from passengers before me!
Other tips included packing a clothesline, pegs and hangers. Did you know that the Scrubba wash & dry kit includes a pegless travel clothesline and inflatable hangers? Click here to check them out. 
Some other top responses included researching baggage allowances and airline rules before traveling, making e-copies of travel documents, using messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Viber instead of roaming services, which can be very expensive, packing quick-drying clothes and being culturally aware when traveling.
The winner of last month's 'Travel Tips' competition goes to Chanci Zucker for "carry a frisbee". She says to pack it near the outside of your bag to protect breakables, use it as a plate, bowl, cutting board, fan or toss it around to make friends in any country! Congratulations Chanci and thanks for the great tip! I'll be sure to pack a frisbee on my next trip!
Thanks again to all those who entered. We hope you've enjoyed participating and will continue to follow us and enter our future competitions and giveaways.