Travel Resolutions for 2015

In a call-out to Scrubba wash bag fans for 2015 travel resolutions, the majority of feedback reflected a common desire for more spontaneity and less stress in 2015.

There was a strong commitment to reduce material items while traveling, travel in more 'spur of the moment' fashion, leave less of a global footprint, avoid waste and rubbish and a movement towards carrying less, having environmentally conscious journeys and getting 'back to nature'.

Other popular travel resolutions for 2015 included visiting old places such as home towns, home states and home countries, implying the desire for sentimental nostalgia in the new year.

Responses also showed an overwhelming desire to enjoy the outdoors more, with fans stating that they would like to camp, hike and trek more. Being an Australian-based company, we were flattered by the number of responses stating intentions to visit Down Under, with Tasmania, Kakadu National Park, Fraser Island and Ayers Rock amongst intended destinations. If you do plan on visiting central or northern Australia, as noted by one entrant, make sure you have a way of washing red dust out of your clothing at the end of each day! A Scrubba wash bag would certainly help.

Congratulations to our December 'Travel Resolutions' competition winner, Jimmy Allen!

"I'm a full time RV person usually I travel 6 months and then spend 6 months at home. My resolution this year is to spend the entire year on the road. Last year's resolution was to buy enough socks that I wouldn't have to keep driving into town to wash them...... " - Jimmy Allen

Thanks again to all those who entered our December 'Travel Resolutions' competition. We hope that you've enjoyed participating and will continue to follow us on Facebook and enter our future competitions and giveaways.