Why should you pack a frisbee on your next trip?

Believe it or not, a frisbee can have several practical uses in your luggage.

Apart from the obvious game accessory, tossing around a frisbee is a great way to break the ice when meeting new people, even when language might be a barrier.  It's also a great way to pass the time when waiting around for transportation or just trying to kill some hours in the sun and if you're traveling with kids, what better way to keep them occupied when you're trying to get organised or sort out their next meal?

Aside from all the fun, a frisbee can have some functional uses too.  For example, packing a frisbee around delicate or breakable items in your luggage can help to protect them.  Not only that, but it can be used as a plate, bowl, cutting board, flat surface for standing your drink on, a fan and the list goes on!

Other handy things to pack...

Most of these items take up little space in your luggage, weigh hardly anything at all and can come in very handy. You might regret not packing them!

Duct tape:   Repair shoes, tents, bags, sleeping bags, clothing and any number of other items, remove lint, fashion a cable, cord or rope, reseal packages, bandages, slings, etc.  To save space, wrap the tape around another item in your luggage when packing (i.e. cosmetic bottle, toothpaste tube, etc).

Dental floss:  Tie things together, stitch up tears in your clothing, hang things, spare shoelaces and cleaning between your teeth.

Zip-lock bags:  Keep liquids separate in case of spills (hand sanitizer and toothpaste can bleach and/or stain fabrics, as can oily creams and other cosmetics if leaked into your luggage), keep soiled items separate from clean ones (you never know when you might step in a muddy puddle!).

Moist Towelettes:  Wipe your hands and face, clean tabletops, doorknobs, toilets and other surfaces, freshen yourself up, wipe spills from clothing to prevent staining.

Safety Pins:  Replace buttons and zippers, mend wardrobe malfunctions, tack pant legs or long skirts up when walking in rain or hiking through mucky terrain, fasten things together.

Paper clips:  Open ports on smartphones and other devices, depress reset buttons, bookmark, makeshift hook.

Gum:  Alleviate ear pressure on planes, freshen up your breath, stress relief, stick things together, plug up holes.

Rubber bands:  Bunch things together, seal things up, drink identifiers (different colors around glasses or bottles so everyone can keep track of which is theirs), shooting games while waiting around.

Microfiber towel:   Protective wrap around special items in your bag, lining around pillows or bed sheets of questionable hygiene, shower / beach accessory, as a table cloth, sun shade, privacy curtain, baby play mat, laundry bag, fly screen and simply because you never know when you'll need a towel!

Clothesline:  If you plan on doing laundry along the way, then packing a clothesline and some hangers would make hanging and drying much easier.


What items you have found unexpectedly useful on your travels?