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Don't get caught out with the wrong carry-on

by Maylynn Bloom |

Are you sick of being caught out at the airport check-in with a carry-on bag that’s too big or too heavy? Have you had to pay outrageous fees at the counter in order to take your luggage through or re-pack and cull bits of your luggage on the spot?

With so many different airlines all with their own set of rules and regulations, it can be difficult to work out what baggage allowances apply when you’re traveling.

Well, we've found the perfect tool to help you find out what you can and can't do with carry-on. With information for over 24 of the most common airlines, the Hand Luggage Size Guide is simple to use.

The guide outlines the most important carry-on luggage information together in one place, allowing you to quickly check the exact size, weight and baggage policy of each airline.

So, before you start to pack your carry-on, take a quick look at this guide, and save yourself some hassle next time you travel.

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