Escape to the backcountry - the best place to self-isolate.

Escape to the backcountry - the best place to self-isolate. - The Scrubba Wash Bag

Just months ago, Australia was on fire while the world watched on in horror as the reality of a warming climate became shockingly real. Cut to now and no one would have guessed that another disaster of a greater magnitude would become the frontrunner in the current global queue of crises.

If you don't know what I am talking about you've probably just returned from some epic off-grid adventure. If that is the case the first thing you should do, please, is go and read the news.

If you're up to date, then here's a quick blog with suggestions on how and where to go to get seriously lost (again) and to keep away from the virus while you self-isolate.

Right. So you can't fly. There's nothing to do at home and if you were to venture out you can't go within 6 feet anyone that you don't already share a house with. What better time to get outdoors?? There's no social distancing needed when you're hugging a tree! There's certainly no reason why you can't get the whole family in the wagon (or camper) and hit the road.

But firstly make sure to pack your Scrubba wash bag as it'll will let you wash your clothes anywhere; meaning you can pack fewer clothes and more essentials like food and toilet paper (and, or a few extra six-packs of beer, or wine - if that's your thing ;)

So, next steps - where to go? 
For starters, we're going to take a look at the USA.

Here are our top 4.

Alaska – Technically part of the USA, though a little far away, it's America's largest state. In your favour is that Alaska is the least populated American state – so perfect for self-isolation.

Assuming you can get there by car (the safest and probably soon to be the only way) the Denali Wilderness is a safe and spectacular option, especially now the northern hemisphere is moving into the summer months. It has no real marked trails or established campsites. So, if you're prepared to self-isolate with a view- to-go, this is the place for you. The only issue you might run into is a grizzly.

Stuck in Washington? Hoh Rainforest is the place to get to and it's only a few hours from Seattle. The park's latest feature is 'one square inch of noise' – it's all to do with protecting it from man-made noise pollution. It does see a lot of rain, hence the rainforest, but pets are allowed and it's about to be summer!

Ludington State National Park, Michigan. Been there?
You certainly should consider it. Its 5000+ acres are filled with sand dunes, marshlands and ponds. It's what readers digest calls a 'perfect summertime getaway'. There's a beach. You can hike, pitch a tent or drive the camper straight into the park. For backpackers, you can self-isolate without a fuss. It has a number of rugged off-the path places to camp out under the stars.

Deep within Ohio State is the Hocking Hills, State Park. Simply put it's a scenic park with hiking trails, archery, fishing, swimming & more amid waterfalls, cliffs & gorges, which is pretty much everything you need in a park. If you want more, you're probably being greedy.

Feel like getting out of town but only want to go half the way out?
Here are some places that'll take the family and the RV – a list of all the best RV parks in every US state. 

Need tips for what to take?
Definitely think about some extra soap, or hand sanitiser (if you can get it). Solar panels are getting cheaper, smaller and more efficient - this will allow you to keep a phone on in case you're needed, or catch up on everything on Netflix...

Water purifying tablets would be great, or even better a Life Straw. Having used on recently up north in the NT we can honestly say it was a godsend.

If you're looking to spend some serious time away, or even a cheeky weekend adventure, taking a Scrubba wash bag is perfect for packing less and lighter. Just think about the extra food and water or extra bottles of wine and beer you'll be able to pack... If you don't have one you can find out more here.

Lastly, should you have any tips on locations or on what to take please get in touch via email, or FB, or Insta and we'll add them to this list!