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Airline baggage crackdown leaves 14-year-old girl stranded at a London airport

by Maylynn Bloom |

A 14-year-old girl was denied board on an EasyJet flight, leaving her alone, stranded and crying at a London airport

Last year, several airlines around the world tightened their baggage belts, reducing size and weight allowances by up to 30% and imposing stricter consequences for excess baggage. Many airlines have gone so far as to employ dedicated baggage officers, posted at the gate specifically to monitor hang luggage activity. And it’s not just fines they’re dishing out for too many bags. You might even find yourself being refused board!

That’s exactly what happened to 14-year-old Deva Joseph, who was traveling alone earlier this month when EasyJet airline refused to let her board because she had too much hand luggage. The young girl was left stranded on her own and crying at a London airport.

EasyJet’s carry-on policy, which had been revised on their website less than 2 weeks prior to the incident, states that passengers are allowed to board with only one piece of hand luggage. Joseph was attempting to board with a carry-on suitcase and a handbag when she was refused entry at the gate. The girl attempted to put her handbag inside her suitcase, but it would not fit. She then attempted to pay cash for her extra baggage, however was told that only credit card was accepted. Reportedly, the girl finally offered to leave her luggage if she could just board the plane, but was ultimately refused entry to the flight and left stranded on her own at the airport while she “sat on the floor crying… but they didn’t care” and her desperate pleas were ignored as she was redirected to arrivals.  

Fortunately some friendly onlookers lent her their phone to call her father, who was understandably irate at the situation.

EasyJet airline has since apologised for the mishandling of the situation, saying that they should have made an exception in this instance.

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