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Heavy restrictions on heavy packing

by Maylynn Bloom |

Airlines are pulling in the waist line on overweight carry-ons by introducing heavy restrictions on heavy packing.


Come November 25th, Jetstar Australia will drop it's carry-on luggage weight allowance to 7kg. This is a 30% reduction from Jetstar's previous allowance of 10kg, bringing the airline's cabin baggage weight regulations in line with it's domestic competitors Qantas and Virgin as well as several international airlines, including Air Asia, Air New Zealand, Comair, Emirates, Cathay Pacific and many others. Some airlines are even stricter, such as Sun-Air with a carry-on allowance of only 6kg.

Jetstar and Virgin Australia have also announced plans for enforcing new restrictions with baggage officers posted at departure gates specifically dedicated to monitoring luggage being carried to planes. Attempting to board with extra baggage might see travelers slumped with stiff fees upwards of $50 or more or see overweight hand luggage sent down the check-in belt and charged as checked bags.

 With feedback from many passengers being positive about the crack-down against excess cabin baggage, more airlines are sure to follow the trend in reduced baggage allowances. Comments from travelers on social media have supported the crack-downs, expressing discomfort and frustration when overloaders take up too much overhead and underfoot space.

To date, airlines in the United States have not applied such strict rules around cabin baggage allowances, however it's easy to get caught out when traveling internationally, as connecting flights in other countries may very well be one of the many other airlines enforcing tighter restrictions and travelers might find themselves paying unexpected fees.

In light of new restrictions, Jetstar has reduced its checked luggage fees to encourage travelers to check their extra weight in. So now travelers can expect to pay slightly less for each check-in bag, but might find they have to check more in due to reduced carry-on allowances. 

The best way to reduce your overall luggage is to pack fewer clothes and plan for a few laundry washes during your trip. So why not pack a Scrubba wash bag? It only weights 145g (5oz) and folds up small enough to fit in your pocket.

Click here for more practical tips on how to reduce your carry-on weight at the gate.

For information on general baggage fees across major international airlines, click on Smarter Travel's ULTIMATE GUIDE TO AIRLINE FEES.


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Packing Essentials

by Maylynn Bloom |

No matter where you are traveling to or what activities you'll be getting up to, there are a few items that you will not want to leave home without, though you don't want to pack too much because that can leave you lugging around unnecessary baggage and paying extra airline fees.

We've put together a list of packing essentials to help you minimize your luggage while ensuring that you'll have everything you'll need for your trip.

Clothing essentials

While clean underwear is always essential, cutting back on the amount of clothing that you pack is the best way to reduce your overall luggage. The Scrubba wash bag is designed to help you do just that by enabling you to wash your clothes anytime, anywhere with minimal effort. We've put together the following list of clothing necessities for a 10-day trip to a warm climate destination to show you how:

So if you're looking to travel light and reduce potential baggage fees, then packing a Scrubba wash bag is the way to go.

Other essentials checklist:


☐ passport / visa

☐ itinerary

☐ flight and tour tickets

☐ accommodation confirmation

☐ license or other ID


☐ soap / cleanser

☐ shampoo / conditioner

☐ moisturizer

☐ toothbrush / toothpaste

☐ hand sanitizer

☐ tissues / body wipes

☐ sunscreen / insect repellent

☐ cosmetics


☐ phone

☐ camera

☐ laptop

☐ chargers


☐ pen and paper

☐ flip flops / walking shoes

☐ sunglasses / sun hat

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Our 3kg packing list for our South East Asia Challenge

by Ashley Newland |

How light can you pack? We managed 3kg for 3 weeks of travel and here is out list.

In 2012, the team at the Scrubba wash bag were challenged to prove that the Scrubba wash bag can allow you to pack and travel lighter and cleaner. After booking a 3 week trip to South East Asia, we managed to pack under 3kg of luggage each, including the clothes on our back and our bag.  To see a video summary of our trip, click here.

The contents of our very light day bags (available to purchase as part of the Scrubba traveler's kit) are shown the image below.  While we sought to pack as light as possible (1 pair of shoes and flip flops, 2 T-shirts, shorts, socks and jocks), we didn't forego on some travel comforts/modern necessities (we still managed to pack an iPhone/iPod, eBook reader and camera without tipping the scales).

Scrubba wash bag packing list

The trip had it all. From the crazy streets of Saigon/Ho Chi Minh, to the confronting sights of Phenom Penh, to the temples of Siem Reap (intermingled with a drink spiking and tut tut accident resulting in multiple visits to emergency departments), to the relaxing 4000 Islands of Laos, to the epic waterfalls around Pakse, and the beauty and beaches of Hoi An.  In 3 weeks, we traveled through 3 countries by bus, boat, rail and motorbike, loving the freedom that only traveling with a simple and light day bag can offer.




We also met with locals in Cambodia and Laos to see how they washed clothes as we initially thought the Scrubba wash bag would be a great item to donate to communities in developing nations.  While the locals loved the Scrubba wash bag and found it much easier and more effective than their method of soaking clothing and brushing the dirt out with a course brush, we realised that donating Scrubba wash bags may be the most useful way for us, as a company, to help.  While the Scrubba wash bag is durable and can be easily repaired using patches or glues that you can buy in most hardware, cycling or camping stores, such items are not readily available in developing nations and therefore the Scrubba wash bag would be less likely to be repaired and end up in landfill.  Instead, we have chosen to donate money to charities in developing nations (click here for more details).


Traveling to South East Asia, we had some reservations whether our clothes would dry in time as we would be on the move most of the time.  In the end, this wasn't a problem at all.  Most of the rooms we stayed in had fans or airconditioners.  By par drying our clothes in our travel towel and hanging them on coat hangers or our travel clothesline directly in front of the fan or airconditioner, our clothes were dry within a few hours.


Traveling with less than 3kg of luggage gave us great freedom.  We never had to lug around excess luggage, hire a locker or pay for storage.  Plus we could take transport not suited for larger bags.


We also managed to wash our change of clothes while on the go: on a street corner in Saigon; on a night bus; on a boat; and even on the return flight back to Australia.  Videos of these are here.

In retrospect, we really could have got by without the tripod and the camera (the iPhone camera would have been fine and saved further weight) and with only 1 pair of shorts and 1-2 T-shirts as we found that by packing quickdry gear, our clothes would be dry by morning after a nightly wash.  Nevertheless, the Scrubba wash bag enabled us to travel this free and I doubt I will ever pack more than a few changes of clothing or pay for check-in luggage again.

To see a full blog of our trip, head to our page at

Happy travels

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A Challenge for Light Travel - 3kg for 3 weeks in 3 countries

by Ashley Newland |

In 2012, the team at the Scrubba wash bag were challenged to prove that the Scrubba wash bag can allow you to pack and travel lighter and cleaner.

Not being a team that likes to back down from challenges we set to prove that the Scrubba wash bag could allow us to travel for 3 weeks in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos with less than 3kg of luggage each, including our backpack and clothes on our back. 

The following video shows how to pack light and travel clean:

We will be posting a detailed summary of what we packed in our next blog.

In the meantime, if you want to travel with less gear and less effort, buy a Scrubba wash bag now.  Otherwise, the Scrubba wash bag makes a great gift or present for family or friends who are traveling for their holiday or vacation.

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