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Travel Resolutions for 2015

by Maylynn Bloom |

In a call-out to Scrubba wash bag fans for 2015 travel resolutions, the majority of feedback reflected a common desire for more spontaneity and less stress in 2015.

There was a strong commitment to reduce material items while traveling, travel in more 'spur of the moment' fashion, leave less of a global footprint, avoid waste and rubbish and a movement towards carrying less, having environmentally conscious journeys and getting 'back to nature'.

Other popular travel resolutions for 2015 included visiting old places such as home towns, home states and home countries, implying the desire for sentimental nostalgia in the new year.

Responses also showed an overwhelming desire to enjoy the outdoors more, with fans stating that they would like to camp, hike and trek more. Being an Australian-based company, we were flattered by the number of responses stating intentions to visit Down Under, with Tasmania, Kakadu National Park, Fraser Island and Ayers Rock amongst intended destinations. If you do plan on visiting central or northern Australia, as noted by one entrant, make sure you have a way of washing red dust out of your clothing at the end of each day! A Scrubba wash bag would certainly help.

Congratulations to our December 'Travel Resolutions' competition winner, Jimmy Allen!

"I'm a full time RV person usually I travel 6 months and then spend 6 months at home. My resolution this year is to spend the entire year on the road. Last year's resolution was to buy enough socks that I wouldn't have to keep driving into town to wash them...... " - Jimmy Allen

Thanks again to all those who entered our December 'Travel Resolutions' competition. We hope that you've enjoyed participating and will continue to follow us on Facebook and enter our future competitions and giveaways.


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December 2014 clean water campaign

by Maylynn Bloom |

On a trip to Laos and Cambodia in 2012, the Managing Director of Calibre8 Pty Ltd and founder of the Scrubba wash bag, Ashley Newland, became aware of the vast social, political and health implications that unsafe drinking water had in many remote parts of the world and decided to dedicate a portion of our proceeds to tackling this issue.

In June this year, the Scrubba wash bag donated USD15,000 towards a clean water system for a school in Bangladesh and we’ll be donating another USD10,000 towards a well in Ethiopia by the end of this year.

Your Facebook likes and responses have helped us reach our goal, so thank you for your continued support.

If you completed our clean water questionnaire and are still wondering what the average cost of providing clean water for 1 person in the world is, the answer is around USD30.

Thank you for your participation in helping us tackle the issue of unsafe drinking water around the world. To find out more about charity: water and how you can help, click here.


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'Travel Tips' competition winner

by Maylynn Bloom |

A big thanks to everyone who entered our 'Travel Tips' competition. We were inundated with responses and have found it rather difficult to pick a winner, but there must be one!
We received advice on uses for packing everything from rubber bands, zip-lock bags and duct tape to dental floss, baby wipes and gummy bears!
A very common response was to pack light and wash clothes along the way. What more can we say but pack a Scrubba wash bag?
Another common response was the various practical uses for a microfiber towel, including as a quick drying shower or beach towel, as a hygienic lining between you and accommodation bed sheets, to wrap around clothing items that you want to keep separate in your luggage and simply because you never know when you'll need a towel. The Scrubba wash & dry kit also includes a super absorbent, extra large microfiber towel that weighs next to nothing when dry and folds up smaller than a tee shirt. We suggest using it to wring out your washed clothes before hanging to speed up the drying process. Personally, I was most grateful to have one handy on an overnight train between Hanoi and Hue in Vietnam as a shield between my head and the cabin pillow, which appeared to have made a hobby of collecting strands of hair from passengers before me!
Other tips included packing a clothesline, pegs and hangers. Did you know that the Scrubba wash & dry kit includes a pegless travel clothesline and inflatable hangers? Click here to check them out. 
Some other top responses included researching baggage allowances and airline rules before traveling, making e-copies of travel documents, using messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Viber instead of roaming services, which can be very expensive, packing quick-drying clothes and being culturally aware when traveling.
The winner of last month's 'Travel Tips' competition goes to Chanci Zucker for "carry a frisbee". She says to pack it near the outside of your bag to protect breakables, use it as a plate, bowl, cutting board, fan or toss it around to make friends in any country! Congratulations Chanci and thanks for the great tip! I'll be sure to pack a frisbee on my next trip!
Thanks again to all those who entered. We hope you've enjoyed participating and will continue to follow us and enter our future competitions and giveaways. 

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Airlines checking out on free check-ins

by Maylynn Bloom |

The trend towards increased baggage fees continues with U.S. airliner JetBlue canning free check-ins.

American airliner JetBlue has announced major changes to their previously lenient and flexible baggage rules in response to calls from shareholders to boost revenue.

The once consumer-oriented airline seems to have adopted a more commercial-based philosophy with increased baggage fees and reduced leg room due to extra seats being installed, enabling more passengers on-board per flight, which will inevitably result in tighter restrictions in carry-on luggage.                                  

Prior to new changes, the airline had gained increasing popularity for its customer service, offering free snacks, drinks, in-flight entertainment and generous baggage allowances, however new fee structures means no more freebees when it comes to checked luggage. As of 2015, JetBlue customers will have the option of choosing from one of 3 types of fares: budget, mid-range or premium. The budget fare will exclude any checked bags, allowing for carry-on luggage only while the mid-range fare covers a carry-on and 1 check-in and the premium fare buys 2 check-ins and some extra loyalty points. Just how much these fares will cost has not yet been released.

JetBlue has assured that passengers will still enjoy complimentary drinks, snacks and entertainment included in all fares.

JetBlue is one of the last of the American airlines to jump on board the trend towards increased baggage fees and other airlines are sure to follow. Virgin America and Frontier airlines reduced free perks and increased baggage pricing earlier this year.

Many major airlines in Asia, Australia, Europe and the Middle East already have strict baggage allowance policies, including carry-on weight restrictions.

Want to avoid extra baggage? Pack a Scrubba wash bag. It’ll save you time and money. You won't have to pay for excess luggage and you'll get to walk straight through the arrival gates and out the door while other passengers hang around waiting for their extra baggage.

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Heavy restrictions on heavy packing

by Maylynn Bloom |

Airlines are pulling in the waist line on overweight carry-ons by introducing heavy restrictions on heavy packing.


Come November 25th, Jetstar Australia will drop it's carry-on luggage weight allowance to 7kg. This is a 30% reduction from Jetstar's previous allowance of 10kg, bringing the airline's cabin baggage weight regulations in line with it's domestic competitors Qantas and Virgin as well as several international airlines, including Air Asia, Air New Zealand, Comair, Emirates, Cathay Pacific and many others. Some airlines are even stricter, such as Sun-Air with a carry-on allowance of only 6kg.

Jetstar and Virgin Australia have also announced plans for enforcing new restrictions with baggage officers posted at departure gates specifically dedicated to monitoring luggage being carried to planes. Attempting to board with extra baggage might see travelers slumped with stiff fees upwards of $50 or more or see overweight hand luggage sent down the check-in belt and charged as checked bags.

 With feedback from many passengers being positive about the crack-down against excess cabin baggage, more airlines are sure to follow the trend in reduced baggage allowances. Comments from travelers on social media have supported the crack-downs, expressing discomfort and frustration when overloaders take up too much overhead and underfoot space.

To date, airlines in the United States have not applied such strict rules around cabin baggage allowances, however it's easy to get caught out when traveling internationally, as connecting flights in other countries may very well be one of the many other airlines enforcing tighter restrictions and travelers might find themselves paying unexpected fees.

In light of new restrictions, Jetstar has reduced its checked luggage fees to encourage travelers to check their extra weight in. So now travelers can expect to pay slightly less for each check-in bag, but might find they have to check more in due to reduced carry-on allowances. 

The best way to reduce your overall luggage is to pack fewer clothes and plan for a few laundry washes during your trip. So why not pack a Scrubba wash bag? It only weights 145g (5oz) and folds up small enough to fit in your pocket.

Click here for more practical tips on how to reduce your carry-on weight at the gate.

For information on general baggage fees across major international airlines, click on Smarter Travel's ULTIMATE GUIDE TO AIRLINE FEES.


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