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Packing Essentials

by Maylynn Bloom |

No matter where you are traveling to or what activities you'll be getting up to, there are a few items that you will not want to leave home without, though you don't want to pack too much because that can leave you lugging around unnecessary baggage and paying extra airline fees.

We've put together a list of packing essentials to help you minimize your luggage while ensuring that you'll have everything you'll need for your trip.

Clothing essentials

While clean underwear is always essential, cutting back on the amount of clothing that you pack is the best way to reduce your overall luggage. The Scrubba wash bag is designed to help you do just that by enabling you to wash your clothes anytime, anywhere with minimal effort. We've put together the following list of clothing necessities for a 10-day trip to a warm climate destination to show you how:

So if you're looking to travel light and reduce potential baggage fees, then packing a Scrubba wash bag is the way to go.

Other essentials checklist:


☐ passport / visa

☐ itinerary

☐ flight and tour tickets

☐ accommodation confirmation

☐ license or other ID


☐ soap / cleanser

☐ shampoo / conditioner

☐ moisturizer

☐ toothbrush / toothpaste

☐ hand sanitizer

☐ tissues / body wipes

☐ sunscreen / insect repellent

☐ cosmetics


☐ phone

☐ camera

☐ laptop

☐ chargers


☐ pen and paper

☐ flip flops / walking shoes

☐ sunglasses / sun hat

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We are gearing up to fund a USD10,000 well project in Ethiopia and you can help.

by Ashley Newland |

Following our USD15,000 donation to charity: water in June to plumb a school water system in Bangladesh, we are gearing up to fund a USD10,000 well project in Ethiopia.

We plan to donate up to USD10,000 to charity: water by the end of December 2014 to fund the Ethiopian well project and you can help us hit this target without even opening up your wallet. 

Here is what we will donate for your actions:

USD1.00 - If you like us on Facebook*

USD20.00 - If you send us a photo of you using the Scrubba wash bag on your travels or at home** 

USD75.00 - If you send us a video reviewing the Scrubba wash bag or showing all the steps**

Photos can be posted to our Facebook page or sent to  Videos can be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo and the link sent to  

The situation in Ethiopia

In the last few decades, Ethiopia has faced fierce famine, drought, political instability and war. Peace has returned but the nation remains developmentally weak and more than 50 million Ethiopians don't have access to safe water. Most rural families survive on less than five liters of water per day and walk up to four hours to collect it from open sources.

This charity: water project will involve the construction of new drilled wells in the Tigray region.  These deep wells typically supply more water than hand-dug wells, but the projects are more expensive as they require heavy equipment, fuel and larger teams of skilled technicians. The well project we are looking to fund will provide an on-going supply of safe water to around 250 people in the region.

*Facebook likes are calculated by the number of new Scrubba Facebook page likes.  This promotion started with 25,900 likes.

**By sending us a photo or video link you are providing us with the right to reproduce the photo or video on our website, the website of our collaborators or on marketing materials. 

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Our $15,000 donation now has twice the impact in Bangladesh

by Ashley Newland |

Back in June, Calibre8 Pty Ltd (aka the Scrubba wash bag) donated USD15,000 to charity: water to fund the plumbing of a school water system in Bangladesh that will provide clean water and vital hygiene and sanitation training to the students and 750 people in the neighboring area.

USD15,000 becomes USD30,000

While the project isn't due for completion until late 2015, we just received an update from charity: water informing us that an anonymous donor has matched our donation, which means that USD30,000 will now go to water projects in that area, providing on-going water and sanitation for around 1,500 people in need.

Managing director of Calibre8 Pty Ltd, Ash Newland said of the project: "Our donation of USD15,000 to the Bangladesh water project was our first of many substantial charitable projects that we have planned and it was only made possible by our loyal supporters and social media fans, which is why we consider the project to be theirs.  Not only does the Scrubba wash bag help our supporters pack lighter and travel cleaner, but they know that their support helps those in need".  

"For an anonymous donor to come forward and match our donation is amazing. It means that the contribution by the Scrubba wash bag (through Calibre8) will have twice the impact and assist even more people in need" Newland said.

The next project

We are pleased to announce that we are gearing up for another water project this year and details will be announced shortly.  You can stay up to date about the latest news by following us on Facebook or signing up to our newsletter. 


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Best accessory winner at the Outdoor Trade Show UK

by Ashley Newland |

The Scrubba wash bag wins “Best Accessory” in the prestigious OTS 2014 Novel Awards at the Outdoor Trade Show in the UK. 

After being inspected by a panel of industry experts in the United Kingdom, the Scrubba wash bag was voted best new product in the Accessory category. The award was presented to the Scrubba wash bag's UK distributor, Eskimo Agency, by Caroline White, the Chief Executive of the YHA and Andrew Denton, Chief Executive of the Outdoor Industries Association (OIA). 

Each of the finalists in the seven categories were assessed by a panel of expert judges which included specialist outdoor retailers and journalists. 

The Scrubba wash bag is a product of Australian based company Calibre8 Pty Ltd and is exclusively distributed in the UK by Eskimo Agency.  Managing director of Eskimo Agency Adam Sismey said of the Scrubba wash bag “When we first saw the Scrubba wash bag, we knew it would be success.  Never before has there been a truly portable device for washing clothes while traveling”.Since they were introduced in 2010, the OTS Novel Awards have continued to grow in popularity, demonstrating the importance of recognising achievements and innovations from manufacturers across the outdoor industry.

 “The Scrubba wash bag has enjoyed a rapid international expansion as travellers realise the great benefits of packing this 145g (5 oz.) device”. Founder of the Scrubba wash bag and managing director of Calibre8 Pty Ltd Ash Newland said. “Appointing Eskimo Agency as our exclusive distributor in the UK has been paramount to our expansion into the UK retail market.  Eskimo agency have a good reputation for bringing the most innovative outdoor products to the UK and the present award reinforces that the Scrubba wash bag will become a staple accessory for UK travellers”.


In 2010, patent attorney and world traveller Ash Newland conceived the idea of the Scrubba wash bag as he prepared for a trip to climb Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Fast forward to the present and the Scrubba wash bag is now a reality and, at less than 145g, is the world’s first pocket-sized washing machine.  The patent pending and electricity free product features a flexible internal washboard that enables a machine quality wash in just minutes.

The 2014 Novel Award from the Outdoor Trade Show follows the Scrubba wash bag's previous wins including Anthill's Smart 100 and inclusion in Entrepreneur magazine's "100 Brilliant Companies" and Forbes magazine's list of "Great Gifts for Travelers".

With 10's of thousands of Scrubba wash bags in the hands of travelers all over the world, it really is a travel gadget that is revolutionizing the travel industry.

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by Ashley Newland |

We are continually looking at creating products to improve the way people travel and want your input.

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