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Our $15,000 donation now has twice the impact in Bangladesh

by Ashley Newland |

Back in June, Calibre8 Pty Ltd (aka the Scrubba wash bag) donated USD15,000 to charity: water to fund the plumbing of a school water system in Bangladesh that will provide clean water and vital hygiene and sanitation training to the students and 750 people in the neighboring area.

USD15,000 becomes USD30,000

While the project isn't due for completion until late 2015, we just received an update from charity: water informing us that an anonymous donor has matched our donation, which means that USD30,000 will now go to water projects in that area, providing on-going water and sanitation for around 1,500 people in need.

Managing director of Calibre8 Pty Ltd, Ash Newland said of the project: "Our donation of USD15,000 to the Bangladesh water project was our first of many substantial charitable projects that we have planned and it was only made possible by our loyal supporters and social media fans, which is why we consider the project to be theirs.  Not only does the Scrubba wash bag help our supporters pack lighter and travel cleaner, but they know that their support helps those in need".  

"For an anonymous donor to come forward and match our donation is amazing. It means that the contribution by the Scrubba wash bag (through Calibre8) will have twice the impact and assist even more people in need" Newland said.

The next project

We are pleased to announce that we are gearing up for another water project this year and details will be announced shortly.  You can stay up to date about the latest news by following us on Facebook or signing up to our newsletter. 


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by Ashley Newland |

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Elephant Nature Park

by Maylynn Bloom |

The following is the entry sent in by the winner of our August 2014 photo competition, Carrie Shoultz. Thanks, Carrie, for the beautiful photo and for raising awareness about the elephants' plight in Thailand.

My photo is of The Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

When travelling in Thailand there are so many different opportunities to interact with incredible animals, including the Thai elephant. However, dig a little deeper and you'll find that the animal tourism has been tragic for most of these animals. The incredibly social elephant is removed from its mother as young as 6 months of age and "broken" through phajaan training. They are taught to fear their mahouts and then brought to the streets to beg and do tricks for tourists. As they get older, they are taken to trekking camps where they are given drugs to keep them from sleeping so that they they load as many groups of tourists on their backs as possible.

The Elephant Nature Park rescues disabled elephants from these horrendous conditions. The elephants at the park will never again experience chains or the bull hook. They come to the park blind, deaf, with broken backs, hips, and feet. But, at the park they find freedom.

I had the amazing opportunity to take part in their week long Journey to Freedom project in the mountains where the Karen tribes live. The park pays the Karen to keep their elephants in the mountains, instead of sending them to the cities to make money from tourism. I spent a week climbing the mountains in one of the most untouched places I've ever been. And we interacted with these amazing animals, but we did not ride them and they did not perform tricks for us. They were simply free to be elephants.

If you are planning a trip to Thailand I *beg* you to please reconsider buying that banana to feed to the elephant on the street, don't pay to ride the elephants in the trekking camps. Seek out organizations that focus on the elephants' well-being over tourists' entertainment.

Sent in by Carrie Shoultz

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Scrubba donate $15,000 to provide drinking water to a school in Bangladesh

by Ashley Newland |

Access to clean drinking water and proper sanitation saves lives in developing countries and can help education and the local economy.  The team at the Scrubba wash bag are pleased to announce that they have donated USD15,000 to charity: water. The donation will fund the plumbing of a school water system in Bangladesh that will provide clean water and vital hygiene and sanitation training to the students and 750 people in the neighboring area.

The team at the Scrubba wash bag would like to thank all our customers over the last 2 years and everyone who supported our recent social media campaign where we committed to donating $1 per new Facebook like and $20-$100 for photos and videos sent to us by our supporters.  The following are a handful of our supporters who sent in photos of themselves using the Scrubba wash bag:


"This donation of $15,000 will be first of many significant water projects that the Scrubba wash bag will support in the near future" said managing director and patent attorney Ash Newland. "The current project will take 18 months to complete and we will provide updates on the project as it moves forward.  At the end of the 18 months, we will be able to provide photos and GPS coordinates of the project". 

If you wish to support a similar project to this one or find out more about where our $15,000 donating is going, head to charity: water.

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A picture is worth more than 1000 words…

by Ashley Newland |

It’s worth safe drinking water for Khan and his school friends in Bangladesh!

The Scrubba wash bag team are donating up to $15,000 to charity: water to provide safe drinking water for up to 750 people in Bangladesh and you can help!

All you have to do is:

  1.     Take a photo of yourself using the Scrubba wash bag or holding it somewhere cool (maybe on your travels or somewhere near your home);
  2.     Post the photo on our Facebook page or send it to before June 26 2014 and we will donate $20 (that’s safe drinking water for one student)
  3.     Ask your friends to like the Scrubba wash bag Facebook page. For every new ‘like’, we will donate $1 towards the project.

 This is how easy it is to provide safe drinking water and sanitation to one child in need:


The project will provide an ongoing supply of clean and safe drinking water for around 750 people as well as training in water and sanitation hygiene. With 16% of people in Bangladesh lacking access to water and 42% lacking access to sanitation, this project will be vital to the school and nearby communities.

The Scrubba wash bag is the world's most portable washing machine and it has helped travelers all around the world travel lighter and cleaner.  It is the best way to wash clothes when camping, traveling or backpacking.  The Scrubba wash bag team are also committed to helping those in need, particularly those without access to one of the most basic human needs: clean drinking water and sanitation.

This campaign runs until 26 June 2014.  For each suitable photo received before this date, the Scrubba wash bag will donate $20.00 to charity: water towards this project.  For each new Facebook like (the campaign started at 19,849 likes), the Scrubba wash bag will donate $1.00.  By submitting a photo, the submitter confirms that they have the copyright to the photo and provides us with permission to use the photo on our website and social media. 

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