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"Where in the world is May" Competition Winner

by Maylynn Bloom |

If you answered Vietnam, you were right!

Thanks again to all those who entered our "Where in the world is May" competition. The number of people who answered Vietnam was impressive!

We were especially impressed with those who specifically answered Hoi An in response to our first photo clue. This picture was taken on the banks of Hoi An's main shopping district, where beautiful colorful silk lanterns hang from shop fronts, creating an atmosphere of warmth and happiness and little lanterns along with wishes are released into the river at dusk.

The second photo clue also received a few 'Vietnam' responses. This photo was taken while cruising along the Cai River in Nha Trang. You can just make out Vietnamese fishing boat and flag in the background.


The winner of the competition goes to the person who answered Hoa Binh, Vietnam to our third photo clue, which didn't give much away, apart from the Vietnamese sun hat, yet somehow he managed to pick the exact spot where this photo was taken. Congratulations!


Once again, thanks for all of your responses. If you were not the lucky winner this time around, don't worry, as there will be more opportunities for prizes coming soon. Stay tuned on Facebook to find out more.

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by Ashley Newland |

We are continually looking at creating products to improve the way people travel and want your input.

Tell us how you like to travel.

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Sending our staff packing... light

by Maylynn Bloom |

Can May (our Business Relationship Manager) fit 16 days worth of clothes into this tiny backpack?

 I'm really looking forward to some much needed sun and relaxation. I won't be doing any camping or climbing this time around, as it's more of a leisurely vacation with some general site-seeing, visits to sacred establishments, a few journeys to rural areas, a bit of beach time and plenty of evening cocktail time! I'll need to travel light so I can move around freely because I'll be on the go most of the time, making my way from one end of the country to the other.


So how will I fit enough clothes to cover all occasions

and get me through 16 days of traveling

into this little backpack?


I'll need to minimize the amount of clothes I pack and plan a few washes along the way, but I don't want to waste time and money on laundry services and I definitely don't want to soak my clothes in hotel sinks, so my Scrubba wash bag is coming with me. This means I can reduce that pile of clothes shown above to the neat pile below.  I will also now have plenty of room for other essentials...


1 evening dress

2 casual dresses

3 pairs of shorts/skirts

3 tee shirts/singlets

1 nice blouse

3 sets of undergarments

2 bathing suits

1 beach outerwear

1 Scrubba travel towel

1 pair socks (mostly sandals on this trip!)

I'll be wearing long pants, a long shirt and a light outer cover on the plane ride over, which I'll wash as soon as I settle in to have on hand for visiting temples, museums or places that require a dress code and I'll do a Scrubba wash every 2 days. I've chosen separates that compliment each other in different ways. For example, black shorts that can be dressed up with the blouse or matched with a tee shirt/singlet for casual outings and my casual dresses can also dub as night/sleepwear. So you can definitely pack light and travel freely without compromising on comfort or style!

If you can guess where May's headed, you might win a Scrubba wash bag, so stay tuned for clues!

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7 of our top travel destinations

by Ashley Newland |

The team at the Scrubba wash bag have done a lot of travel in their time, which isn't too surprising given that we created the world's first pocket-sized washing machine for travel. Here are some pictures and descriptions of some of our top travel destinations.

Let us know what you think of our list and join the Facebook conversation to share pictures of your favorite destination by clicking here

The summit of Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

The trip to Tanzania to climb Mt Kilimanjaro makes our list for two main reasons.  After 4 days of trekking the chilly reward at the top of Africa's tallest peak (and the highest freestanding mountain in the world) is truly amazing.  Watching the sun rise over the clouds with only a handful of people around is a unique and unforgettable experience.  The second reason is that the preparations for the trip to Tanzania were what lead to the creation of the Scrubba wash bag.  For full details on the conception of the Scrubba bag click here

A Berber village in Morocco

This photo of a Berber village was taken on a trip to Morocco.  The contrast between patches of green plants and the Berber village, which blends into the expansive desert backdrop, makes this an amazing destination.  On the trip we were informed that parts of movies such as the Gladiator were filmed here.  

The Great Wall of China

Being one of the 7 wonders of the world, the Great Wall of China is hard to pass up for our list.  We were lucky enough that the hostel we were staying at in Beijing offered a tour that took us to a part of the wall that isn't overrun by other tourists.  The enormity of the wall over some pretty steep terrain is incredible.


The serenity and open spaces of Mongolia (at least outside of Ulan Bator) automatically instill a sense of personal calm.  Horseback riding across the plains on short but powerful Mongol horses, Mongolian wrestling (or Bökh) with locals and trying (though not necessarily liking) the salty Mongolian tea were all unforgettable experiences.

The Chobe river, Botswana

The Chobe river in Botswana teams with wildlife and a sunset cruise was our highlight of Botswana.  Elephants, hippos, crocs, water buffalo, antelope all venture to the shoreline as the huge African sun sets over the horizon.  

The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

San Francisco is an amazing city and, especially when the fog rolls in, it takes on a magical feel.  This photo was taken on a bike trip from the centre of the city across the Golden Gate bridge and into the hills beyond.

The Amazon jungle, Colombia/Brazil 

The Amazon jungle is a stunning experience.  This photo of our non-English speaking guide fishing from a traditional canoe was taken near Leticia on the border between Colombia and Brazil.  A guide is a must have especially for 2 night treks through the jungle and while we unfortunately couldn't readily converse with our guide he managed to demonstrate how tribesmen use their natural surroundings to survive and prosper.  Sleeping under the canopy in a hammock it is unbelievable how loud the jungle becomes when the sun goes down.    

For more of our favorite destinations, follow us on pinterest by clicking here.  

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Scrubba takes the Ice Bucket Challenge

by Maylynn Bloom |

Christina Georgiadis talks about taking the Ice Bucket Challenge in support of ALS / MND. 

Dear Scrubba Team,

After finishing my uni degree in Melbourne, Australia, I decided to go traveling around South-east Asia to experience a new world and do some volunteering.

I spent 6 weeks in Vietnam, where my Scrubba wash bag came in very handy for not only washing clothes, but keeping wet/dry and dirty/clean clothes separate as well as keeping my clothes above some sub-par hostel bathroom floors. I put my clothes in the bag, clip it and hang it on the doorknob while I shower!

Recently, I was in Kampot, South Cambodia on my way to volunteering with the NGO when I was challenged by a friend and fellow backpacker to take the Ice Bucket Challenge. I decided to answer the call right then and there, but there wasn’t a bucket in sight. Behold, yet another use for my Scrubba wash bag!

The girl in the photo is known by the locals as Can Can. She was hesitant about pouring freezing cold ice water over my head while my travel buddy filmed.

Thank you, Christina for sending in these great photos and glad to hear that you’re enjoying your Scrubba wash bag in more ways than one!

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