Double Scrubba Special 2018

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Product info

This double Scrubba Special includes the following: 2 x green Scrubba Wash Bags and 3 Packing Cells.

Scrubba Wash Bags:

Our ultra-portable washing machine makes your journey easier.  This convenient, pocket-sized travel companion allows you to travel lighter and helps you save money, time and water.  When you get 2, you don't need to share with your friends.

  • Machine quality wash in 3 minutes.
  • Features a new easy to use twist valve for deflation
  • Weigh less than 142g (~5 oz.)
  • Fold to pocket-size.
  • 16cm x 6cm x 6cm (when rolled for storage) - 6.3" x 2.4" x 2.4"
  • 54cm x 32cm (when laid flat) - 21.3" x 12.6" 

 Scrubba Packing Cells:

These lightweight packing cells are great for storing small items within your luggage.  You can keep underwear separate from chargers and toiletries separate from your T-shirts.  These packing cells are the key to an organised suitcase or backpack.

  • Only 33g (~1.2 oz.)
  • Measure 19cm x 19cm x 8cm (7.5" x 7.5" x 3.2").


How Scrubba Bags/Packs work

The Scrubba Wash Bag and Scrubba W Pack and Allurette washers all feature internal washboards that allow a machine quality wash in minutes.  Using them is as simple as:

Scrubba steps

Add clothes, water and cleaning liquid; close and deflate the bag; then rub from the outside for up to 3 minutes then just rinse and hang to dry.

Compared to traditional washboards, the ones in Scrubba and Allurette products are ultra thin and flexible and they are enclosed in the bag or pack.  As the rubbing is done from the outside of the bag, there is minimal mess and you hands remain drier.  

The Scrubba Bag, Pack and Allurette washer also double as dry sacs to keep gear dry between washes.