Rave and Review review - May 2013

The team at Rave and Review have just posted their full review of the Scrubba wash bag.  Head to their website at http://goo.gl/nxQ53 to read the full review.  

The following is an excerpt from their review, which shows how suitable the Scrubba wash bag is for washing clothes on vacation:

"We’ve taken the Scrubba with us on two vacations now and I think we love it more every time we use it.  I mean, no one loves laundry, but this might be as close as it gets.  In particular, we really love the satisfyingly tactile feel and sound of the Scrubba that makes it a fun sensory project for kids.  Yeah, that’s right; I make my kids do laundry on vacation.  It’s only fair that the two making the most laundry do the most laundry, right? 

With many different road trips, camping and hiking adventures, and vacations planned this spring and summer, I know that the Scrubba will get a ton of use.  And, when we’re able to salvage a clothing catastrophe on the road, it’s going to be worth its weight in gold {and then some – it is pretty light}.  But, the Scrubba isn’t just for long trips and those with small children, it’s also great for swimsuits, beach gear and more.  Since it’s a great wetbag in its own right, it’s extremely practical for a variety of applications, with laundry just being one of them."