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Our Scrubba Ambassadors

From over 330,000 travelers using Scrubba wash bags across the globe, we've selected a handful of those who are the most passionate about spreading the Scrubba word, continually inspiring others to get out there and experience the world whilst ensuring they limit their footprints on the planet along the way.

Check out these lead ambassadors below and follow them in their clean, light and free adventures with the help of their Scrubba products.

the golden road photo of couple
Us & A Bus (coming soon) ✨ Walked Across America CA-SC 🙌🏼 Inspiring Others to Find Love in the Little Things
the golden road


Our adventurous Californian friends Matt & Grace, along with their furry companions Nemo and Foxi, recently undertook a mammoth walk right across the States from CA to SC, whilst raising funds and awareness for non-profit, Time In A Bottle.

This outdoor loving pair share a crazy love story, rarely say no, and love to meet new people on the road. With a mission to inspire those around them to travel, explore & find love in the little things, you can now follow them in their journey of converting an old bus into their new home-on-wheels, ready to take on a huge road trip that will see them spending at least 30 days in each of USA’s 50 states.

Their exciting new project named ‘Us & A Bus’ will no doubt provide some unforgettable travel experiences and enable them to build relationships with and support local communities, small business and non-profits on the way. We’re excited to have this awesome foursome take us along for the ride!

A girl & her 4WD, on YouTube @overlandlady 🇦🇺 Aussie Cruiser in Canada 🇨🇦
monique song


Monique a.k.a. Overland Lady is a Vancouver-based outdoor enthusiast and thrill seeker,
breaking gender and racial stereotypes and paving the way for female overlanders from Canada to Australia and everywhere in between. We connected with Monique during her epic Australian overlanding expedition in 2019, and she’s been taking her Scrubba products on the road and spreading the Scrubba message ever since.

Monique seeks to connect with other overlanding ladies, share adventure stories from a female’s perspective, inspire girls out there who want to explore and support traveling females with her knowledge and experiences.

Follow Monique’s incredible 4WDing journey via her blog, YouTube and Instagram!

monique song
keep enchanted
Fulltime #vanlifers 🚐 ♥️ Lovers @veronica_lenzi & @stefano_belmondo
keep enchanted


Italian vanlifers Veronica and Stefano share their incredible, magical travels through the Mediterranean in their tiny home on wheels, making memories and meeting like-minded vanlifers and travellers along the way.

With a goal to inspire others to follow their dreams, to always be curious and explore the world, this romantic duo are the epitome of slow, thoughtful travel and making a minimal impact on the destinations they visit.

Join them as they document their European adventures on Instagram and YouTube, discover what full time van living is really like, how to truly embrace travel freedom during these tumultuous times as well as how Scrubba is helping them along the way.

TRAVEL + PHOTOGRAPHY + JOY🌏♥️ ✨Join us as we find the joy & share it with you ‘the CJ WAY’ - by providing inspirational & relatable travel advice
charlotte & james maddock


A truly inspiring husband and wife team we’re happy to have in the Scrubba club, these two have some incredible travel tales to tell.

Hailing from New Zealand and Australia respectively, Charlotte and James have used their original Scrubba wash bag in some incredible locations including NZ’s Lake Pukaki, WA’s world heritage listed Bungle Bungle Range within Purnululu National Parkand and alongside a beautiful river on the Gibb River Road… to name a few! Connecting with travellers through their relatable blog articles and awe-inspiring Instagram content, striving to provide insightful guidance, tips, and helping people overcome challenges are areas where these guys shine.

You’ll currently find them sharing their van travels and brave health struggles from WA and setting the wheels in motion for some super exciting travel projects in 2021 and beyond.

charlotte & james maddock
heal your living
Mindfulness, Sustainability, Minimalism & Wellness 🌴Intuitive Coach & YouTuber #healyourliving
heal your living


Youheum is a creative soul with a passion for sharing and spreading compassion to this Earth and all other living beings. She is the founder and creator of Heal Your Living, the YouTube lifestyle channel focused on Mindfulness, Sustainability, Minimalism, and Wellness, with over 250,000 audiences worldwide.

She is also a free-spirited digital nomad, designer, illustrator, and intuitive coach. Youheum is on a continuous journey of practicing loving-kindness, self acceptance, and inner tranquillity in togetherness with those who have already joined her on the path of simple living and inner healing. She's focused on supporting each other and helping people with what she has learned from her own healing experience.

When she's not recording videos, creating illustrations, and providing coaching, you can find her close to nature in hiking trails, parks, and at farmer's markets in her travels. An important member of the Scrubba community for a few years now, Youheum is one to watch, read and learn from while she navigates through the complexities and simplicities of life.