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Our Impact

Environmental & Social Responsibility

In addition to making innovative products to make your journey easier, Scrubba by Calibre8 is committed to responsible environmental and social practices.

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Environmental Impact

1% of all Revenue
1% for the Planet

In 2022 we formally partnered with 1% for the Planet, committing to donating 1% of our total revenue each year to environmental causes.

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Climate Neutral Certified

We’re proud to announce that we’ve officially been Climate Neutral Certified.

This year, we’ll measure our 2022 emissions, offset our entire footprint by investing in climate change solutions, and develop a plan to reduce our emissions moving forward.

Quality Products and less waste with a Scrubba washboard wash bag
Responsible Material Investment

We use quality materials to ensure a long product lifespan and design our products to be easily repairable.

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Undyed Options

We launched our Untouched Scrubba range which uses fabric that isn’t bleached or dyed to further reduce our carbon and wastewater footprint during production.

Recycled Textiles

In 2021/22 we started trialling 100% recycled polyester for use in the Scrubba wash bag.  All Scrubba wash bags produced from 2023/24 that include textiles now use recycled polyester.

Personal carbon/water saving

By using minimal water and no electricity, each Scrubba wash bag saves travellers an average of 1000 litres of water and 7.5kg of carbon each year. By using your Scrubba wash bag you are minimising your travel footprint.

Scrubba wash bags saves water and carbon every year

Scrubba wash bags are PVC free

Due to the negative environmental impact of PVC, we have made the decision to discontinue manufacturing our inflatable hangers.  

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Environmental & Social Responsibility

Our retail products are packed in fully recyclable cardboard packaging or in reusable packing cells. In the AU market, customers can opt for no
retail packaging on select products.

Scrubba wash bags are not made with banned substances or chemicals
Restricted Substances List

We maintain a list of banned or restricted materials and chemicals and we ensure they aren’t used in any Scrubba products.

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Social Impact

 Charity: water is sponsored by the Scrubba
Clean water for those in need

Clean water and sanitation is still something that millions of people lack access to.  Over the years we have donated tens of thousands of dollars to fully funded several projects through Charity: water to help bring clean water to those in dire need.

Humanitarian Aid

In instances of natural and humanitarian disasters, we have made several monetary donations to aid organisations.

In 2022, we are launching a humanitarian aid version of the Scrubba wash bag, which will allow those in need to meet one of their basic requirements of sanitary clothing.

The Humanitarian wash by the Scrubba Calibre8

The Scrubba supports Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Following the lead of REI, which sells the Scrubba wash bag, we have adopted guidelines to promote diversity, equity and inclusion across all aspects of the Scrubba brand and our company

Team meeting for the Scrubba code of conduct
Factory code of conduct

We have put in place official standards for worker treatment, pay, safety and conditions to ensure that the production of Scrubba wash bags helps those at all levels.

Please get in touch!

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about our commitments to a cleaner future, please do hesitate to get in contact at info@thescrubba.com