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patented washboard-in-a-bag design

our commitment to a cleaner future

Each Scrubba wash bag saves an average of 1000 litres & 7.5 kg of carbon each year
made with our
patented design

All Scrubba wash bags feature a flexible inner washboard, which is backed by a grip surface to provide a machine quality wash in just minutes

Women using Scrubba in lake
6 easy steps
to wash clothes anywhere in minutes

Gear Editor: " I couldn't believe this little, lightweight product requiring no electrical power source was so effective"

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our most eco-friendly wash bag yet

The NEW Scrubba wash bag Untouched is an undyed and unbleached version of  the original Scrubba wash bag that has provided a convenient way for over 250,000 travellers and campers to pack less and clean their clothes anywhere for an even cleaner future.

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We create innovative products that make travel and camping easier and minimise the impact on the world around us.

250,000 others who travel clean, light and free with the Scrubba wash bag.

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The Washing Machine that Gives Back Clean Water.
saving & giving water

Accessibility to safe water should be a right shared by all. We've seen first-hand how scarce clean drinking water can so we dedicate a portion of our proceeds to tackling the issue of providing clean water to remote parts of the world with charity:water