Scrubba Tactical Wash Bag

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Product info


Clean clothes anywhere with the Scrubba Tactical washbag


Designed in consultation with a former Australian SAS team leader, the Scrubba tactical wash bag promises to keep you clean on any mission, even if you are just chilling at the family caravan park. 


The Scrubba wash bag is designed as a modern take on the old- fashioned washboard. It’s made to be ultra-portable, easy to use, and effective.

Thanks to the integrated scrubbing nobules, the Scrubba wash bag is twice as effective as hand washing. It folds down to pocket- size, and doubles as a drybag for ultimate convenience. Whether you are camping, travelling, or just hand-washing clothes at home, the Scrubba wash bag helps you to save time, money, and water.

In addition to your favourite Scrubba wash bag features, the tactical bag comes equipped with an extra large twist-style valve. This allows for easy opening and quicker deflation, simplifying the washing process from start to finish. 

Kitted out in a coyote brown fabric that aids in camouflage, the tactical bag is perfect for military, outdoor adventurers, disaster relief, zombie preppers and superheros, allowing you to blend into your surroundings and lose yourself in nature. Just don't forget where you hang it to dry or you may not be able to find it again! 



With a Scrubba tactical wash bag you can:

  • Wash clothes wherever and whenever you want
  • Effectively clean your clothes with the help of hundreds of internal Scrubba™ ‘nobules’
  • Pack fewer clothes and travel with a lighter backpack, bag or suitcase
  • Achieve a machine quality wash in 6 easy steps.
  • Avoid excess airline baggage fees by packing fewer clothes
  • Save money and water when doing laundry while travelling.
  • Stay clean and avoid zombies (apparently they can smell unclean people)
  • Stay hidden while you do your washing

    • Neutral coyote brown colour
    • Pocket-size and small enough to take anywhere
    • User instructions printed on the outside of the bag
    • Transparent window to monitor washing and water levels
    • Grip backing on the outside to prevent sliding on surfaces while washing
    • Extra large twist valve for easy deflation (even with big hands)
    • Doubles as a dry-bag. 



      54cm x 32cm (when laid flat).
      16cm x 6cm x 6cm (when rolled for storage).




      How Scrubba Bags/Packs work

      The Scrubba Wash Bag and Scrubba W Pack and Allurette washers all feature internal washboards that allow a machine quality wash in minutes.  Using them is as simple as:

      Scrubba steps

      Add clothes, water and cleaning liquid; close and deflate the bag; then rub from the outside for up to 3 minutes then just rinse and hang to dry.

      Compared to traditional washboards, the ones in Scrubba and Allurette products are ultra thin and flexible and they are enclosed in the bag or pack.  As the rubbing is done from the outside of the bag, there is minimal mess and your hands remain drier.  

      The Scrubba Bag, Pack and Allurette washer also double as dry sacs to keep gear dry between washes.

      Customer Reviews

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      Used this in the field and it did a great job washing several articles of clothing. Let's see how it holds up after 50 uses! ;) Stay tuned for update....

      Have not used yet

      Have not used yet

      We like it!

      Yeah, I mean you really just nailed it. It's exactly what we were looking for, and it works. We're both very active, and a few minutes in the Scrubba takes care of even our grossest hiking shorts. Well done!


      Scrubba Tactical Wash Bag

      Compact and Efficient

      When I go camping, the Scrubba Wash Bag has helped me achieve a lighter backpack. It is easy to use and it efficiently uses very little soap and water. When we are all able to travel a little farther afield, I'm certain it will work as well as I have already discovered and help me keep my luggage to one carry-on bag.

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