Scrubba wash bags washboard

what makes up a 'Scrubba bag'?

the thinking, the design and the making of a Scrubba wash bag
The Patents

At the heart of the Scrubba is the patented wash-board-in-a-bag technology. Characterized by the synergy of multiple mutually inclusive elements, the Scrubba wash bag's design is highly effective, award winning and named as one of Forbes' greatest gifts for travelers.

Scrubba wash bags washboard
Ultra-flexible washboard

Washboards have been around for centuries and while they are highly effective, they were too rigid and bulky for travel prior to the release of the Scrubba wash bag.

Our patented production method results in what may be the world's thinnest and most flexible washboard and in the convenience of being in a sealable waterproof bag.

Moulded from resilient TPU the Scrubba bag's washboard has over 300 soft yet durable 'nobules' backed by a grip surface that allows a machine quality wash in just minutes.

High frequency welded (HFW), not glued.

All components of the Scrubba wash bag utilize high frequency welding technology which provides permanent bonds.

This makes the Scrubba wash bag lightweight yet incredibly durable.

Waterproof TPU coated nylon fabric

Scrubba wash bags are made from a 40 denier nylon fabric with a polyurethane (TPU) coating.

This premium fabric provides the ideal balance between strength for maximum durability and lightness for maximum portability.

The polyether TPU coating provides resistance to microbial growth, chemical damage, and hydrolysis (water damage).

Easy use twist valve for deflation

Our easy use twist valve allows air to be removed from the sealed Scrubba wash bag to enable users to press down and rub the clothes against the internal wash board for a fast and effective wash.

Double strapped seal closure

The welded double straps of the Scrubba wash bag link and bend together as they are rolled down and clipped to seal the opening and allow for minimal water seeping during the 3 minute washing procedure.

Used by over 350,000!

Over 250,000 travellers, campers, home-users, backpackers, hikers and holiday makers have now experienced firsthand the quality wash our internal flexible washboard delivers. Shop the range to see what Scrubba suits you best.