Featured Product Review: Airpocket

Featured Product Review: Airpocket - The Scrubba Wash Bag

Developing innovative and practical travel products that are lightweight, affordable and versatile is our passion, with research and collaboration the foundation of our success. We have bought, tested, loved and hated our fair share of products along the way. Now we want to give back to those who have supported us by sharing some of our favourite products that are changing the way people travel.

This month’s product is Airpocket. If you haven’t heard of it, fasten your seatbelt and fold away your tray table, because your current perceptions of carryon baggage are about to take off!

What is it?

Airpocket is an Australian invention that is simplifying air travel. Accessibility is priority, but style is certainly not compromised.  This clever little storage pocket is designed to fit snugly in the usually cramped, disorganised airplane seat-pocket in front of you. It safely and neatly stores all the items you might want to access during short or long-haul flights, such as books, tablets, passports, and sunglasses. Its small size means it fits easily inside larger handbags or backpacks, offering a highly convenient method of keeping all of your important items together without adding excess baggage. Simply board the plane, pull out your Airpocket, and sit down to enjoy the convenience of having everything you need right at your fingertips.


Why we love it:

We’re particularly fond of the Airpocket because:

  • The neoprene case expands to allow room for bulkier items.
  • The material is sturdy and provides scratch-free protection for delicate devices.
  • Its adjustable straps allow the bag to be worn comfortably in multiple ways.
  • Its sleek design is both fashionable and discreet.
  • The internal divider conveniently separates small items.
  • Its small size (300x250x60mm LHW) enables hassle-free transit.
  • The back-band allows for convenient storage over suitcase handles.

Who’s it for?

Just about anyone can benefit from the convenience of the Airpocket. If, like me, you are an anxious traveller who always spends half your transit time nervously patting your pockets for your passport or visa documents, then this is definitely the product for you. If you’re travelling with young children, the Airpocket could become an invaluable product for organising activities to keep the whole family entertained, especially on long-haul flights!

Overall impressions:

The Airpocket is an incredibly handy, sturdy product. It certainly delivers as promised by enabling you to organise all your travel essentials and to keep them stored safely together, within reach for the duration of your flight. It’s versatile, adaptable, expandable and stylish, and is particularly beneficial for those who travel with lots of smaller devices. Although I think the design could benefit from the additional versatility afforded by removable internal storage compartments, this product is, on the whole, convenient, durable and innovative, and will undoubtedly make travel easier. It’s why we love it and why Airpocket is our featured product of the month.  

To read more or to buy one yourself, head over to https://shop.airpocket.com.au/

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