Beware of counterfeit Scrubba wash bags

Beware of counterfeit Scrubba wash bags - The Scrubba Wash Bag

At Scrubba we pride ourselves on making high quality innovate travel and camping gear and we back all our products with our 12 month warranty.  All genuine Scrubba products are manufactured under the direction of our company Calibre8 Pty Ltd.

Scrubba wash bags and other Scrubba products are protected by our registered patents, designs and trade marks.

Recently, some counterfeit Scrubba wash bags were sold on under the account of "Steve Butler Zr".  These counterfeit Scrubba wash bags are readily identifiable by the type of valve used and inferior inner washboard. 

Measures are being take to enforce our intellectual property rights against Steve Butler Zr.

If you have received a counterfeit Scrubba wash bag from, we recommend that you file an A to Z claim against "Steve Butler Zr" citing that you received counterfeit product.  It is our hope that will cover the return shipping costs for the counterfeit product and either provide you with a genuine Scrubba wash bag or a full refund.  

If you would like assistance in determining whether you have a genuine Scrubba wash bag, please contact us at

Thanks for your continued support of the Scrubba brand.

Ash Newland

Managing Director and Patent Attorney

Scrubba by Calibre8