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The Ultimate Packing List and Tips

by Natalie Simpson |

Here at Scrubba we're put together the ultimate, and we mean ULTIMATE, packing list and tips with the help of a few of our favourite travel bloggers. We've covered everything from, a curated packing list, managing your money while travelling, how to pack efficiently, our favourite travel tech and accessories and a few helpful questions to ask yourself before, during and after your packing process. Hopefully we can make the dreaded task of packing a whole lot easier.

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Two Countries in Two Days

by Maylynn Bloom |


There are dozens of fun and crazy festivals celebrated around the world, from the Running of the Bulls in Spain to Brazil’s Carnival, the Spring Festival for the lunar new year in China, Germany’s Oktoberfest and many more across the planet.  It would be great to make it around the world to all of these events in one lifetime, but for those who can’t travel far and wide so freely, many of these celebrations have made it across the seas right to your backyard with smaller, but still fun and exciting versions.

Last weekend, the Scrubba wash bag team had the privilege of experiencing the fun fruit-throwing traditions of Spain's La Tomatina as well as the happy color-bursting celebrations of India's Holi.  Two countries in two days!

Melbourne's first ever 'Tomato Battle', held at Flemington Race Course last Saturday, was a massive mosh pit of dancing and rotten tomato-throwing to live music.   Fruitfully attended by nearly 5,000 fruit-throwing participants, the Tomato Battle is a local take-off of La Tomatina, Spain's long-standing tradition of chucking end of season squishy tomatoes in a soup of self-saucing, fruit-throwing fanatics.  What better way to dispose of bad tomatoes?  It's a sure fire way to have fun and get very messy while disposing of inedible waste.  Approximately 130 tonnes of tomato ammo were launched in the massive food fight and the Scrubba wash bag team got absolutely sauced!

The following day, after scrubbing up clean, the Scrubba wash bag team attended Melbourne's Color Run, otherwise known as the 'Happiest 5k on the Planet'.  A modern-day take on the ancient Hindu festival of love known as Holi, the Color Run is a 5-kilometer stretch where rainbow-colored power rains in celebration of health and happiness.   The event supports charities through fundraising and brings runners and walkers of all ages and backgrounds together to be showered in color and smiles.  Participants wear lots of white at the start and by then end are covered in layers of vibrant colorful power.  It isn't a race, as there are no official times recorded, welcoming people of all fitness levels and abilities to get out and get happy while exercising.  No winners, no judgement, no stress, just fun!

Last month, Melbourne also brought a touch of Paris’ Nuit Blanche with its White Night festival, a cultural event that features local and international artists and performers from around the world and later this year Melbourne will bring a taste of Germany's Oktoberfest with its annual BeerFest, featuring local brews and food in festival form.

So if you've always wanted to get downright dirty in Korean Boryeong Mud Festival style or get wet in Thailand at the Chang Songkran, but just can't make that overseas trip, try looking locally for a similar event closer to home.

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The portable washing machine that gives back clean water

by Maylynn Bloom |

Imagine turning on the tap and having clean water pour out. For approximately 748 million people, this seemingly rudimentary concept remains an imaginary one. Clean drinking water, the most basic and vital necessity to human survival, remains out of reach for many communities around the world.

Unsafe water is one of the leading causes of death and disease around the world and 90% of water-related deaths occur in children under 5 years of age. According to the World Health Organization, improving water hygiene alone can prevent over 3.6% of the world’s disease burden.

In communities where clean water is scarce, women and children often have to travel great distances on foot to fetch water from safe wells, often carrying heavy drums full for miles. Preoccupied with the daily burden of finding clean, safe water, women and children are unable to contribute to other aspects of society or access education, further preventing communities from thriving.

When clean water becomes accessible to a community, everything changes. Better crops are produced, reducing famine, women become more involved in the community, the local economy grows, education for children improves and the overall health of the community improves significantly. The community prospers.

The Scrubba wash bag team and Calibre8 Pty Ltd are committed to helping provide access to clean water globally. To date, our teams, along with your support, have donated a total of USD25,000 to charity: water and we continue to contribute. Our donations so far have provided a clean water system for a school in Bangladesh and currently are funding a project in Ethiopia.


Since 2006, charity: water’s work has successfully funded 13,644 water projects in 22 different countries, improving the living conditions and lives of an estimated 4,600,000 people. Click here to learn about just a few of their stories.

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