Travel Tips

The Scrubba wash bag's travel tips & tricks! 

Tip #1: Travel with at least 2 bank cards

On a trip to Columbia, Ash got caught out with a card that wasn’t accepted in most bank machines and had no cash on hand. Luckily his mate backed him with a friendly loan and also lucky that his friend’s card worked!

While it might seem sensible to keep all of your cards together when traveling, it's actually best to spread them out a bit. We suggest keeping one card in your wallet or pocket and one in your bag or backpack so that if you lose one, you'll still have the other.
If you only have one bank card and don't want to get another, then travel money cards are a great alternative. They come preloaded with money in different currencies, which helps you access cash wherever you are without having to pay high exchange rates or tap into your savings.

Tip #2: Wear your luggage

With baggage fees soaring and weight restrictions tightening, reducing your overall luggage can save you a great deal of money and hassle. The trick is finding creative ways to do this without compromising what you bring on your trip. So why not wear your luggage? If your holiday requires you to bring a jacket or coat, wearing it through the airport will avoid its bulk and weight being factored into your baggage allowance. You can always take it off after you walk through the check-in.

Similarly, things like jewelry and cosmetic containers can weigh a lot, so why not wear your bangles and carry your face cream in your pocket to keep within your baggage limits and avoid extra fees?

Other items that might be better off on your person to save space in your luggage are wallets, sunglasses, hats, scarves, gloves and boots (pack your lighter shoes in your bags).

Tip #3: Zip-lock your spillables

There's nothing worse than opening your luggage to find that your moisturizer has oozed out onto your clothing in transit, especially if it isn't oil-free!  Things like hand sanitizer can actually bleach or stain if they come into contact with fabrics.  Our advice is to pack all of your spillable items, such as toiletries and detergents, into plastic zip-lock bags to avoid any messiness in case they do leak in your luggage.

It doesn't hurt to pack a few extra zip-lock bags as well, as they don't take up any room and hardly weigh anything at all.  That way if you happen to step in a muddy puddle with your socks on, at least you can seal them away from the clean items in your suitcase.

Of course we always recommend traveling clean, light and free by packing a Scrubba wash bag, as few clothes as possible and doing laundry along the way. Don't forgot to pack some detergent too! A bit of shampoo, body wash or all-in-one detergent will do nicely. Check out our packing essentials.