The Scrubba Weightless Wallet

Our Kickstarter campaign recently came to an end after smashing its goal in the first 2.5 hours of the launch and ultimately receiving 18,385AUD from 1,062 backers.

If you missed out on the campaign, you can buy one of our green Scrubba weightless wallets by clicking here or on the Shop button.

Scrubba weightless wallet

Repurposed for active lifestyles, the Scrubba weightless wallet is the latest development in the Scrubba product range. We are upcycling excess material from our wash bag production to create an innovative, ultra-lightweight wallet perfect for travelers and sports enthusiasts. 

Scrubba weightless wallet perfect for active lifestyles

Scrubba weightless wallet perfect for travel

 What is the Scrubba weightless wallet? 

The Scrubba™ weightless wallet offers a virtually weightless, water-resistant means to carry everything you need while travelling or enjoying physical activity. Upcycled using excess material from the Scrubba wash bag, the weightless wallet is a pretty amazing product in its own right and supports the health, activity and vitality of both the planet and the people who enjoy it. 

Scrubba weightless wallet dimensions

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Just like the Scrubba wash bag, the weightless wallet embodies our clean, light and free philosophy by allowing you to carry everything you need without any unnecessary weight. Slim and compact, it fits into tight activewear and casual pockets as well as concealed travel pockets, making it the ideal companion for all sports and activities. It allows you to stay active without the worry of a little wet weather or sweat turning your paper notes and receipts into pulp. Available in traditional Scrubba green, white or black, the weightless wallet: 

  • Is upcycled and environmentally-conscious
  • Weighs a mere 7g (0.25oz)
  • Is made from durable 40 denier nylon fabric
  • Has tear-resistant, high-frequency welded seams
  • Is splash- and sweat-resistant
  • Features a non-slip grip for cards and notes
  • Is compatible with currency from all over the globe. 

Scrubba weightless wallet colours and RFID

Scrubba weightless wallet - super thin

Scrubba weightless wallet features and benefits

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