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The Ultimate Packing List and Tips

by Natalie Simpson |

Here at Scrubba we're put together the ultimate, and we mean ULTIMATE, packing list and tips with the help of a few of our favourite travel bloggers. We've covered everything from, a curated packing list, managing your money while travelling, how to pack efficiently, our favourite travel tech and accessories and a few helpful questions to ask yourself before, during and after your packing process. Hopefully we can make the dreaded task of packing a whole lot easier.

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The Scrubba W Pack. What's the point?

by Anna Worthley |

Recently we released a new product, the Scrubba W Pack. It has all the amazing features you’ll find in the Scrubba Wash Bag, but for some travellers, the added versatility is what they are after. We know exactly why the Scrubba W Pack makes travel easier, but we thought it would be interesting to get an independent opinion. So we asked seasoned traveller and blogger Nicole from Alaska what she thought she would get out of it. Check out her blog here

Nicole has tried the Scrubba Wash Bag and thought the Scrubba W Pack looked ‘awesome!’ Have a read below to find out what she thought.


Travel clean…

The Scrubba W Pack features our flexible internal washboard, a modern take on the old fashioned washboard with hundreds of 'nobules' giving you a machine quality wash in minutes. Something that could certainly help Nicole with her travel washing problems:

“I loathe washing clothes in a sink by hand, which means I get fed up a couple weeks into the trip and just wear the two stinky sets of clothes that just so happen to be at the top of my bag day in and day out. Then I finally can't wear them anymore and I just go buy new clothes, even though I promised myself before I left for the trip that I wouldn't do that.”

With the Scrubba W Pack, you won’t ever need to face those dirty hotel sinks again Nicole!


The Scrubba W Pack is an ultra-functional daypack featuring adjustable straps so you can wear it as a backpack or messenger-style sling bag, a waist strap and easy access pockets on the shoulder straps and pouch. It certainly makes travel lighter and Nicole agreed:

“I like that it's multipurpose and it's still really light. For me personally it would cut down on the amount of junk I pack on longer trips, because you have a laundromat, dry bag and day pack all rolled into one.”

Nicole adds, “Normally I would pack a daypack and a dry sack for a trip and then it stresses me out in the morning each day trying to decide which I should bring, because I like the comfort of a back pack, but I like the waterproof safety of my dry bag. So then I just end up bringing both and then get out there annoyed with my indecisiveness and waddle around with both.”

…and free.

The Scrubba W Pack is your versatile and weatherproof pack en route and your environmentally friendly and effective washing machine at your destination. This versatility is something Nicole sees as a convenience and a money saver!

“All in all, the versatility is extremely helpful and it in turn saves money, by cutting down on laundering costs as well as preventing the purchase of replacement clothes on the road!”

Thanks Nicole for taking the time to chat to us.

If you want to know more, check out the features of The Scrubba W Pack below.


With a Scrubba W Pack you can:

Wash clothes wherever and whenever you want

  • Wear this versatile daypack as either a backpack or messenger-style sling bag, with or without a waist strap
  • Clean your clothes twice as effectively as hand washing*
  • Pack fewer clothes and travel with a lighter backpack, bag or suitcase
  • Achieve a machine quality wash in 6 easy steps 
  • Alleviate the need to ineffectively wash clothes in dirty hotel sinks
  • Avoid excess airline baggage fees by packing fewer clothes
  • Save money and water when doing laundry while travelling



  • Lightweight daypack weighing 10 oz. (300g)
  • Pocket-size and small enough to take anywhere
  • User instructions printed on the outside of the bag
  • Transparent window to monitor washing and water levels
  • Grip backing on the outside to prevent sliding on surfaces while washing
  • Easy release air valve
  • Adjustable shoulder and waist straps.


Perfect for:

  • Day trips 
  • Site seeing 
  • Carry on 
  • Family outings
  • Beach trips 
  • Cycling
  • Commuting


Product Specifications:

10 oz. or 300g

21.3” x 12.6” inches or 54cm x 32cm (when laid flat)

* Independently tested by a leading Australian laundry appliance manufacturer.

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Scrubba, continuing to change the way people travel

by Maylynn Bloom |

It's been 5 years since the inception of a seedling idea that has developed into the world’s greatest travel solution and a global business for Ash Newland. On a trip to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro back in 2010, Ash recognised the problem of having to pack light, but also needing enough clothes to last the 4-week trip and he answered it with the Scrubba Wash Bag – the world’s first pocket-sized portable washing machine that enables travelers to pack minimally and wash clothes on the go anytime, anywhere, for free.

Now, 5 years on, Ash continues to change the way people travel with his latest release, the Scrubba Wash Pack, an ultra-light, ultra-convenient, multi-purpose daypack that enables travelers to move about super light and free and becomes a washing machine when you need it.

Released earlier this month, the Scrubba Wash Pack has already received great support and accolades not only from existing Scrubba fans, but also from other entrepreneurs, investors, retailers and distributors around the world.

Interested in a Scrubba Wash Pack? GET ONE HERE

We thought we would interview the boss and brains behind the Scrubba Wash Pack, here is what Ash had to say.


Ash, what was the lightbulb moment for the Scrubba Wash Pack?
It was during a business trip to the United States when the lightbulb moment for the Scrubba Wash Pack hit me. As a carry-on only traveller, I was using the Scrubba Wash Bag each night to wash clothes from the day and one night, while doing so, I thought to myself that the Scrubba Wash Bag really has made travel easier and, as it can be used as a dry sac or dirty laundry bag, it is multi-functional to a degree. However, for the majority of travellers, the Scrubba Wash Bag remains in your luggage or hotel room between washes. The secret to ultra-light travel is to roll as many functions into each item that you pack. That way you pack less overall but aren’t limited by what you can do. So I decided to put all of the Scrubba Wash Bag’s various uses into one simple, practical, ultra-convenient, multi-functional product and the Scrubba Wash Pack was born.

What were you trying to achieve with the Scrubba wash pack?
I was determined to create a product that was not just your run-of-the-mill daypack, but one that was versatile, weatherproof, could handle adventures of all sorts and could also wash your clothes at the end of the day.

Who is the Scrubba Wash Pack designed for?
The Scrubba Wash Pack is for all travellers. Whether you are into site seeing, extreme adventures, kayaking or cycling, the Scrubba Wash Pack is your ideal daypack. As tourists and adventurers, we now like to carry a lot of things on our person including tablets & mobile phones to stay connected, sweaters and umbrellas in case the weather changes, and souvenirs for future memories. As such, we like to have a small bag with us and the Scrubba Wash Pack is perfect for this. It is versatile so you can wear it how you want and weatherproof to keep your belongings dry and at the end of the day you wash clothes in it. In fact, you can achieve a machine quality wash in just minutes, saving you both time and money that you would prefer to spend on travel souvenirs and experiences rather than laundry services. Plus, now that you can wash your clothes anywhere and anytime, you can also pack less and travel lighter.

What do you love about your products and what you do?
I love the fact that the Scrubba products serve an actual purpose and solve one of the major frustrations of travel, which was over-packing or paying a fortune in travel laundry fees. This fits well with my lifestyle being an avid traveller. The Scrubba Wash Pack, now takes this to a new level, as it is not only the best travel laundry solution but also a versatile and weatherproof daypack.

What do you love about traveling?
My main love of traveling is experiencing other cultures. This isn’t just seeing the major sites, which most travellers do, but allowing yourself to become engrossed with the everyday life of the city. I tend to try to avoid the tourist strips and eat and drink with locals. While language can often be a bit of a barrier it is amazing how much you can communicate without language, just a smile and a good attitude.

Most memorable experience while traveling?
My most memorable experiences have been climbing Mt Kilimanjaro for obvious reasons and meeting a Geisha in Tokyo. This was incredibly fortunate as I was walking through a very quiet part of Tokyo and entered a sushi bar that may well have been closed for the night (there was a sash on the door). I was the only foreigner there and the rest of the room was empty other than 6 business people and a Geisha, who I assumed was a promotional person. It turned out she was the real deal and in addition to having amazing customer service from the waiter and chef, they asked the business people for permission to introduce me to the Geisha (something I wouldn’t have tried myself). Our brief meeting was followed later in the night by her performing 2 traditional dances for the business people. Again, I was encouraged to watch and even take photos. Definitely not a Tokyo experience that many people have.

Where have you been recently?
Since starting the Scrubba business, most of my travel has been for work, which is great but it has meant going to more established countries. In the past few years my travels have mainly been focussed on the United States, Germany, Japan and China. Next week I’ll be traveling to Germany and staying just outside the lakeside town of Friedrichshafen for the Outdoor Trade Show. True to the name of the show, my accommodation for the week will be a tent, so being able to pack ultra-light and wash clothes in a confined space will come in very handy.

Interested in a Scrubba Wash Pack? GET ONE HERE

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Top gifts for Scouts this season

by Ashley Newland |

The Scrubba wash bag has been included in Scouting Magazine's seven top gear items to give a scout or scouter this holiday season.

Here's what they said about the Scrubba wash bag:

"Laundry in the great outdoors … yes, it’s now a reality with this unique sanitizing product. The Scrubba is a roll-top dry bag with an internal scrubbing area to help work a smelly shirt clean. Add a piece of clothing, water and some soap. Then knead and scrub until your backwoods clothes are fresh again."

Click here to review their full list of great gifts for scouts or travelers.

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