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2019 Gift Guide for the Outdoor Enthusiast in your life

by Sarah Home |

Each year it seems to get harder and harder to find the perfect Christmas gift for our adventure-loving friends and family! Does the thought of spending hours brainstorming and trawling through the shops leave you feeling a little overwhelmed? Fear not, Scrubba is here to help! We've narrowed it down to ten awesome gear picks that'll be sure to put a smile on the face of the outdoor enthusiasts in your life this Christmas.

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The Ultimate Packing List and Tips

by Natalie Simpson |

Here at Scrubba we're put together the ultimate, and we mean ULTIMATE, packing list and tips with the help of a few of our favourite travel bloggers. We've covered everything from, a curated packing list, managing your money while travelling, how to pack efficiently, our favourite travel tech and accessories and a few helpful questions to ask yourself before, during and after your packing process. Hopefully we can make the dreaded task of packing a whole lot easier.

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Scrubba wash bag to donate up to $15,000 to water projects

by Ashley Newland |

From now until 26 June 2014, the team at the Scrubba wash bag will donate up to $15,000 to charity: water to build the infrastructure required to plumb a water system for a school in Bangladesh.  The project will provide an on-going supply of clean and safe drinking water for around 750 people as well as vital training in water and sanitation hygiene.

You can help us reach the target simply by liking us on Facebook and encouraging your friends to do the same.  For each new like (we are starting the campaign at 19,849 likes), the team at the Scrubba wash bag will donate $1.00 towards the project.

For the last 2 years, the Scrubba wash bag (aka the world's first pocket-sized washing machine) has helped travelers all around the world travel lighter and cleaner.  The Scrubba wash bag team are also committed to helping those in need, particularly those without access to one the most basic and vital human needs: clean drinking water and sanitation.

This donation of up to $15,000 is the first of many large donations we plan to make in the coming years”, managing director Ash Newland said. “We have selected charity: water for this donation as they offer a great level of transparency and reporting.  We think it is important that our supporters can see exactly what project they helped fund and in most cases even look up the location with GPS coordinates”.

The video below shows what difference access to clean drinking water and sanitation facilities can make to children at school.  Clean drinking water and sanitation also saves lives and improves health, which are vital in countries such as Bangladesh where:

  • 16% of the population lack access to water
  • 42% of the population lack access to sanitation
  • 31.5% of the population live below poverty line


Help us reach our target, like us on Facebook and spread word about this campaign.



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