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How Backpacks Can Do Way More Than Just Carry Stuff

by Sam Stephens |

The Backpack that Does It All

stealth pack functions for outdoors


stealth pack functions for travel

If you're looking for the best new gift for a traveller or are on the hunt for a new device to make your journey easier, the Scrubba stealth pack is the latest must-have travel day bag.  More than just a weatherproof, lightweight backpack, the Scrubba stealth pack also multi-functions as a portable washing machine, camp shower and compression bag to fulfil your basic travel needs.

Following a highly successful IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign, the Scrubba stealth pack is now available here for immediate shipping.

    Check out the video below to see how the Scrubba stealth pack helps travellers and campers wash, carry and store like never before. 

    1 bag | 4 stealth functions | No limits

    Loaded with handy features that enable it to variously function as a weatherproof backpack, portable wash bag, compression dry bag, and camp shower, all while weighing only 455g (16 oz), the Scrubba stealth pack enables you to pack smaller and go further, no matter where your journey takes you. Built especially for travel and the outdoors, it contains a number of features designed to make your journey easier: 


    Scrubba stealth pack features


    These unique features combine to provide 4 handy stealth functions: 


    Keep gear dry and pack smaller

    Wash clothes anywhere and wash yourself


    Due to its unique properties and multifunctional nature, the stealth pack is suitable for a broad range of activities, including: 

    • Travel
    • Camping
    • Caravanning
    • Sailing
    • Beach trips
    • Daily commuting
    • Cruising
    • Hiking
    • Aid work 

    No matter what your journey, the scrubba stealth pack has your back! 

    Scrubba stealth pack travel backpack in Rome

    Scrubba stealth pack for daily commuting

    Minimise your luggage, maximise your adventure: 

    Lightweight, weatherproof, and highly portable without compromising style or durability, the Scrubba stealth pack has been designed to help travellers and outdoor enthusiasts:

    • See and do more by reducing pack weight: The Scrubba stealth pack is a durable backpack, wash bag, compression bag, and camp shower rolled into one, negating the need to carry a large amount of equipment for your basic outdoor needs. 
    • Stay organised: By removing the Scrubba stealth pack's modular shoulder straps, you can transform it into a smaller, lighter bag for use as a compression 'stuff sack' that will help organise your gear while travelling. The pack can also be used as a laundry bag to separate your dirty clothes from your clean ones.
    • Save time: Clothes can be washed in the Scrubba stealth pack in just a few minutes, meaning that you can focus on the important things instead of aimlessly searching for a stuffy laundromat or other suitable washing location.
    • Save money: The Scrubba stealth pack is electricity-free and enables travellers to avoid exorbitant hotel laundry fees by providing the easiest, most convenient method of doing laundry while travelling. Budget travel has never been easier!  
    • Care for the environment: Because the Scrubba stealth pack requires no electricity, uses minimal water, and enables grey water to be disposed of away from the water source, you can enjoy using it anywhere, confident in the knowledge that you’re respecting the environment and helping to maintain this beautiful planet that we all share. 
    Scrubba stealth pack for beach getaways


    Travel in style the way that suits your style: 

    Compatible with most laptop sizes and boasting 40% larger capacity (21L) than the Scrubba wash bag, the stealth pack can easily accommodate everything you need for basic day trips, making it an ideal day and carry-on pack. For travellers who already have a bag that suits this purpose, the stealth pack can instead be compressed and placed within a larger pack or case, allowing for the most compact luggage possible. 


    The Scrubba stealth pack for hiking in Salt Lake City 

    Rolling a 'washing machine', compression dry bag, and camp shower together in one weatherproof backpack, the stealth pack is the ideal piece of equipment to add to your travel or camping checklist, and remains the only backpack that promises to both carry you through the adventure and wash off your mud and sweat at the end of it! 

    The Scrubba stealth pack day bag

    Looking for something more? Browse our store to find out how to make your journey easier.

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