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Travel clean, light and free.

Weighing around 5.3oz Scrubba wash bags are portable washing machines for perfect trips. Travel light, clean & free.

What is a Scrubba Wash Bag?

Our ultra-portable washing machine makes your journey easier.

This convenient, pocket-sized travel companion allows you to travel lighter and helps you save money, time and water.

Weighing around 5.3oz the Scrubba Wash Bag is a modern take on the old-fashioned washboard.

It is twice as effective as hand washing and a lot more hygienic that a dirty hotel sink.

How the Scrubba wash bag works
The Scrubba Wash Bag Secret

Washboards have been around for centuries and while they are highly effective, they were too rigid and bulky for travel prior to the release of the Scrubba wash bag.

Our patented production method results in what may be the world's thinnest and most flexible washboard and in the convenience of being in a sealable waterproof bag.

Moulded from resilient TPU the Scrubba bag's washboard has over 300 soft yet durable 'nobules' backed by a grip surface that allows a machine quality wash in just minutes.

The Scrubba Wash Bag is a portable washing machine
Pack Less, Travel Lighter

The Scrubba wash bag allows a machine-quality wash anywhere in just minutes.  It is hygienic, self-contained, electricity-free and easy to use, even in the hotel room or cruise-line cabin.

Benefits Of Using Scrubba Wash Bag

Pack less clothes with a Scrubba Wash Bag
Save money on laundry while traveling

Save money and time doing laundry while traveling. Wash clothes wherever and whenever you want for free.

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Wash and clean clothes quickly with a Scrubba wash bag
Machine quality wash in minutes

Wash clothes when and where you want in just minutes. No more Laundromats or hotel laundry services.

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A must have for any traveler
Used by over 330,000 travelers

Over 330,000 travelers, campers, home-users, backpackers, hikers and holidaymakers have now experienced firsthand the quality wash our internal flexible washboard delivers. Shop the range to see what Scrubba suits you best.

The Scrubba Wash Bag wins on Shark Tank

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