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by Ashley Newland |

Dear all, 

Please see our current position on the #StopHateforProfit movement below.

On 20 June 2020, REI announced that they were pulling all their Facebook/Instagram advertising for July in support of the US's NAACP and ADL who are leading a push for changes at Facebook due to "repeated failure to meaningfully address the vast proliferation of hate on its platforms".  

We have the highest regard for REI and, as a stockist of the Scrubba wash bag, we are standing by REI.  While we are a small company with a small Facebook spend in the US, but we pledge not to spend any money on US Facebook/Instagram marketing for July and potentially beyond.

The motivation for the boycott against Facebook/Instagram was set out in the Los Angeles Times:

"They [Facebook] allowed incitement to violence against protestors fighting for racial justice in America in the wake of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, Ahmaud Arbery, Rayshard Brooks, and so many others. They amplified white nationalists by including news sources with known extremist ties into their 'fact checking' program. They turned a blind eye to blatant voter suppression in their platform."

We will monitor the situation in countries outside the US and take action as appropriate.

Thanks for your time.

What will travel look like post COVID19?

by Sam Brown |


While many businesses have been affected by the coronavirus crisis, the hardest hit has been the travel industry. With eerily quiet terminals, cruise ships docked and hotels closing their doors, there is much uncertainty if and when things will run back to normal. The question on everyone's mind is when can you freely travel to any chosen destination? The sad reality is no one knows precisely how long this will pan out; some experts think it may take until 2023 for air travel to revert to its usual schedule.

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How People Are Using Their Scrubba Wash Bags In Lockdown

by Sam Brown |

For years we’ve been accustomed to travellers and campers telling us how essential the Scrubba wash bag has been for washing clothes while travelling to idyllic tourist destinations or remote parts of the globe. With the current Covid-19 lockdowns in place around the world, we have been hearing increasing stories of how vital the Scrubba wash bag has been at home. 

We’ve reached out to a few stationary travellers who have repurposed their Scrubba wash bag from their travel kit and are using it to wash their clothes at home to avoid public Laundromats.


Dwayne – NYC

Using A Scrubba Tactical Wash Bag


So, you're in NYC, how is the mood? Are you isolating alone, or do you have company?

NYC has really impressed me. This city cheers the rescue workers every night at 7pm, and it gives me goosebumps every time. 


We wanted to reach out because we understand you are using a Scrubba Tactical wash bag to wash your clothes at home. (We're guessing it's because you can't go outside...)

I'm in the West Village with my two cats. So far, they don't seem to mind.


Are you in an apartment building that doesn't allow your own washing machine? 

After coming into contact with someone who tested positive, I had to self-quarantine. So, out came the Scrubba. 


Are you unable to use the communal washing machine (if you have one) or are you choosing no to?

Almost no one in the West Village has their own washing machine. Apparently, it's because the pipes are too old and skinny. Most homes are over 150 years old.


Are you unable to use the communal washing machine (if you have one) or are you choosing no to?

I usually use a wash and fold laundromat near me, but they've closed. I could get a laundry to pick my stuff up but decided to put the Scrubba to the test.


Have you found yourself washing other things, like linen? Or just clothes.

I have washed nothing but clothes and cleaning cloths.


How long have you had it / been using it?

I've been using it for about 10 months now.


Did you buy your Scrubba for the home or camping originally?

I bought it for camping, but also travel. I carry some LG detergent sheets and wear Uniqlo Airism clothes when traveling. The Scrubba does an excellent job cleaning them. So, thank you for making such an excellent product. I was a big fan before, and an even bigger one now. Stay safe :)



Jerie - @marker323 Minnesota

Using A Scrubba Wash Bag Mini



So where are you? How is the mood?
I'm in Minnesota, and we're hanging in there. We're a hearty people used to harsh weather and isolating, but as we all know, this is not our norm. The overall mood changes each day. I'm optimistic and support the efforts of our local leadership and the direction they are taking us. Our stay at home order is clear. We know the virus is around us, and the best way to avoid overwhelming our healthcare system and protect vulnerable peoples is to follow their guidelines.


Are you isolating alone, or do you have company?
As an essential worker, working in a grocery environment, I never feel alone. It's the opposite. I feel overwhelmed by the number of people I'm in contact with every day. As an urban tiny houser/vanlifer under stay in place orders, I'm grateful to have my parents hosting me.

I'm around many people during my shift. I operate as if I have the virus on me at the end of every workday. As soon as my shift is over, I take my mask off, by the strings, and place it in a plastic bag. Once I'm in my van, I remove all of my clothes and put those in a plastic bag. I thoroughly scrub my hands then face. I wash anything that wasn't protected by clothing. Then I change into a clean outfit. Wipe down my countertop and sink. Then and only then do I feel like I can drive anywhere.

Once I'm parked for the night, it's time to Scrubba! I have several different biodegradable soaps I like. I set up my Scrubba in my sink, add some tap water and soap and carefully put my mask inside. While my mask is pre-soaking, I put on a kettle of water to heat. I add extra hot water, roll and clip, deflate, and scrub. And scrub. And SCRUB. I do this process at least two times.

Then I rinse with clean water and add a single drop of Pranarom's Good Samaritan essential oil. It's something that makes me feel good, and I prefer the scent as I need to wear my mask for eight or more hours each day.

Are you in an apartment / building that doesn't allow your own washing machine?
I live in a 2017 Promaster hightop that I converted into a tiny house on wheels. Some people call it vanlife; others call it a mobile dwelling. I call it home.  


Did you get your Scrubba before or after Covid19?
I got my Scrubba before Covid19. I'd wanted one for years before I bought one.  

Why did you get your Scrubba? What was the main reason?
Scrubba is lightweight and highly functional. I bought the mini and use it in-between washing day, which is usually Sundays for me. It's quick and easy to wash lightweight items like socks, undies, washcloths, and dishrags. You know the small stuff. Now, I use it every day. Its become part of my evening ritual.

Are you unable to use the communal washing machine (if you have one) or are you choosing no to?
Laundromats are essential services in Minnesota, I can go to one, but it's very awkward right now. It's uncomfortable because no matter how sparkling clean they look, you don't know what your risk is. Yesterday was laundry day for me. I went to a local laundromat, and I felt like I was holding my breath the entire time. It wasn't jam-packed, there were maybe three people at any given time, but it felt so crowded. I  even noticed myself dodging people. I would hold my breath as I was packing my clothes into the washer then into the and dryer. I would weave between people as I left the building.  I couldn't handle being in the building, so I would run in and out between putting my clothes in the washer to the dryer until finally, my clothes were dry. I was overall stressed out! I usually like going to the laundromat, but not anymore.  

Have you found yourself washing other things, like linen? Or just clothes.
I use it to wash small items as I have the mini. I'm definitely going to need to upgrade.

How long have you been using it?
Less than a year, but it's been on my radar for years.

There are plenty of portable washing machine type things you could buy – what made the Scrubba stand out as the one to choose?
As a tiny houser, space is valuable. I love it because I can bring it anywhere.  

Other than washing clothes, how else has the pandemic impacted your life?
How the pandemic has impacted me is an overwhelming question. I'm so grateful to be working, grateful beyond measure, but I'm also so fearful of those who don't wear masks or practice social distancing. I wear my mask to protect others, to protect you from me. I have to trust others to do the same. I think the most significant impact is that our traditional "me" society is being asked to become a "we" society as we need to protect each other. We need to protect the vulnerable. We need to do these things so we can survive.  


Mel Calantropio @they.usa - NYC

Using A Scrubba Tactical Wash Bag 

So where are you? How is the mood?

I actually moved to NYC this past month from Philadelphia, so the mood has been a mixture of feeling isolated and pretty out of it but also feeling settled and cozy at home and excited to explore my new neighbourhood when it’s safe to do so.

 Are you isolating alone, or do you have company?

I am isolating with my partner and our two cats!


Are you in an apartment / building that doesn't allow your own washing machine?

We live in an apartment building without a washer/dryer in unit. Since we are new to the area and new to coin-laundry, we’ve been apprehensive about venturing out and finding our go-to laundry service just yet!


Did you get your Scrubba before or after Covid19?



Why did you get your Scrubba? What was the main reason?

I had been researching minimalist lifestyle and came across Scrubba and advice on hand washing and thought I’d try it out!


Are you unable to use the communal washing machine (if you have one) or are you choosing no to?

I am not. While I am able to go to a coin-laundry nearby, I’m choosing to do laundry at home until I feel more comfortable doing so.


Have you found yourself washing other things, like linen? Or just clothes.

Since I am new to hand-washing, I’ve started with small loads like delicates and stay-at-home essentials.


How long have you been using it?

About a week now and I love it!


There are plenty of portable washing machine type things you could buy – what made the Scrubba stand out as the one to choose?

Portable washing machines are not an option in my building, and I am operating on limited space. I had seen so many positive reviews about Scrubba on YouTube and decided to give it a try!



Other than washing clothes, how else has the pandemic impacted you life?

I have been working from home part time for over a month now. I am an artist and have not been able to operate my business as normal. As someone who really thrives on connecting with others, this has been very difficult for me. I’m taking self-isolating seriously and hunkering down, so I’ve taken on a few new hobbies and DIY projects during this time.

Washing clothes to prevent the spread of COVID19

by Ashley Newland |


While it is well known that Covid-19 is spread via respiratory droplets among close contact with people (within about 6 feet or 2 meters), transmission from surfaces contaminated with the virus is yet to be documented by the CDC.  However, the CDC considers that the virus may remain viable for hours to days on different surfaces.  Ensuring clothes remain clean may help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

For those with a washing machine at home, use it regularly.  If you don’t have a washing machine, ensure you take proper precautions when going to the Coin Laundry (i.e. maintain social distancing, wear gloves, avoid touching your face and make sure to disinfect all surfaces of the machines you use).  If you would prefer not to venture to a Coin Laundry, you can use your Scrubba wash bag to quickly wash small loads of clothes at home.

Whether you use a home washing machine, Coin Laundry or Scrubba wash bag, use warm to hot water that is appropriate for the clothing type (yep read the fabric care labels). If using the Scrubba wash bag, make sure the water isn’t too hot to avoid burning your hands as you rub the clothes against the internal washboard.

Where possible use a laundry liquid or powder that includes a bleach compound (again make sure to read fabric care labels).  Common bleach compounds in laundry detergents include sodium hypochlorite, sodium percarbonate and hydrogen peroxide).  The American Chemistry Council has compiled a list of products including detergents that are likely to be suitable against COVID-19.

Don’t overuse laundry liquid or powders.  If too much laundry liquid or powder is used, washing efficiency is actually decreased and extra rinsing will be required to remove all the cleaning agent.

Ensure clothes are fully dried and where possible, hang the clothes in direct sunshine (UV can kill residual viral particles) and in fresh air. 

If caring for an ill person, use disposable gloves if possible while handling their clothes and immediately wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds after removing your gloves.

More to come. Please feel free to get in touch should you have any queries or have anything to add.



Escape to the backcountry - the best place to self-isolate.

by David Shekleton |

So you can't fly. There's nothing to do at home and if you were to venture out you can't go within 6 feet anyone that you don't already share a house with. What better time to get outdoors?? There's no social distancing needed when you're hugging a tree! There's certainly no reason why you can't get the whole family in the wagon (or camper) and hit the road.

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